Thousands of protesters part way to give way to an ambulance [Video]

There are massive protests going on in India against a new act that was passed in the country last year. The protests have been taking place on all the major places and even the public roads. While protests can cause a lot of inconvenience to the people who are not a part of it, a large group of protestors in Kerala showed empathy by quickly making way for an ambulance.

The exact location of the protest and the incident is not known but it is from the Kerala state. The video shows that the protestors who gathered to make their voice heard parting up to give way to an ambulance. The video, which is taken from the balcony of a building shows the beautiful act of the protestors who did not cause any disruption to the ambulance and let it go peacefully.

The protestors can be seen seamlessly parting away to give way to the ambulance and then merging back. This looks extremely stunning, especially the movement of the crowd. Giving way to the emergency vehicles including Fire trucks, ambulances and police cars is something that should be everyone’s priority on the road. Emergency vehicles can save lives and even a few minutes matter a lot.

Thousands of protesters part way to give way to an ambulance [Video]

This is not the first time that we have seen such a gesture from Keralites. In the past, during a religious procession, the crowd seamlessly gave way to an ambulance in a similar way and then merged back to celebrate. Ambulances are very critical and should not be stopped for any reason including VVIP movements.

There are rules and provisions in the law book that allows the cops to take legal actions against the people who cause any kind of disruption to the movement of emergency vehicles, especially ambulances. In the national capital, Delhi, the ambulances have dashboard cameras that can record the registration number of the vehicles and the information is later given to the cops who issue huge fines on such vehicles. Even in the new MV Act, which was imposed in the country last year, blocking any emergency vehicle on the road attracts a fine of up to Rs 20,000.

Such videos truly touch the heart. During the protests in Hong Kong, similar videos became viral where the protesters can be seen giving way to the ambulances without causing any disruption. We do hope that people watch the video and learn to give way to the ambulances and other emergency vehicles on the road. Since India does not have any dedicated emergency lanes, the motorists should be aware and always be ready to give way to the emergency vehicles.