Pulsar NS200 continues riding on its own after stunt goes wrong

The Bajaj Pulsar has always been a top pick for stunters, and the trend continues with the NS200 – the hugely popular streetfighter version of the bike. The Pulsar NS200 is quite a stable bike, which is another reason why stunters prefer it. But sometimes too much stability can also be a bad thing, like these stunters found out.

What’s happening here?

A bunch of stunters were pulling off wheelies, right in the middle of a public road, with plenty of traffic. Two stunters collide. One of the stunter falls from his Pulsar 200 NS, while the bike continues to ride on – riderless. Another biker riding behind the duo tries to chase down the riderless Pulsar, to stop it.

In a comedy of errors, both the riderless Pulsar and the rider on the other bike who tried to stop it crash again. Obviously trying to stop a moving bike while on another bike was a stupid thing to do but the rider seems caught up with the excitement of the moment.

5 important things to keep in mind while stunting

  1. Never stunt on public roads. If things go wrong, the damage is usually much higher on public roads. Also, the chances of things going wrong is significantly higher due to the sheer unpredictability of traffic on public roads. Choosing an empty car park or an enclosed area for stunting is a good idea.
  2. Safety gear is a must, especially since more stunters get it wrong rather than right most times.
  3. If you can get a health insurance policy to cover stunting, go for it despite the higher premium it may entail. It can prove to be a life saver as stunting is inherently a dangerous activity.
  4. Stunting on regular bikes isn’t advisable. It always helps if you modify the bike to make it more suitable for stunting. From changing sprockets to adding metal drag bars, a lot of things can be done to make a bike more suitable for stunts.
  5. Stunting puts extreme stress on most cycle parts of a motorcycle. If you use your bike for stunting, be prepared to fork out a lot of money for maintenance and repairs.