Mechanic builds a Vintage Car from scratch to surprise his little daughter

Fulfilling a daughter’s wish is all a father wants. Here is also a similar story of Javed Sheikh who is a car mechanic in Pune. His daughter, Tanzila once saw a red vintage toy car in a mall and she instantly started asking for it. On asking about the price of the toy, the shopkeeper told the price of Rs. 60,000 and also informed them that the toy was manufactured in China. Javed didn’t want to spend such a large amount of money on what was essentially a Chinese product. So, the family came back home without purchasing the toy but the daughter kept asking the grandfather (Hasan Sheikh) about the toy. So, Javed and Hasan decided to build the car themselves in their garage.


Being a mechanic, Javed has experience with these types of things as he used to fabricate vintage parts for cars. Every part on the car was made from scratch. They ensured that they don’t use any part which was manufactured in China. As Hasan Sheikh describes “Indian products are often stronger than those imported from other countries. So we thought instead of buying something new, we could create a strong car for my granddaughter”


This has helped in making the miniature car sturdy and reliable. The project was started when the lockdown was initiated. It took 4 months for Hasan and Javed to fulfil the dream of Tanzila. The car has been finished in Red just like the one which was found in the Mall. It can carry a payload of up to 150 Kgs, which means that even adults can ride it. The family also uses the car to make groceries trip as it can easily hold their and vegetables weight.

Javed has used a petrol engine from a scooter to power the miniature vintage. Due to this, there are no gears in it which makes it easier for the daughter to drive it. When they showcased the car to the daughter, she was extremely happy and she also called her friends to give them a ride.

Even the interior of the car mimics the interior of a vintage car. So, it has a proper comfortable cushioned red seat with a red wrapped steering wheel. Javed has also used wood for the dashboard which houses the keyhole, starter button and other informational dials. The car uses proper suspension components, headlights, turn indicators, rear view ORVMs, battery etc. The vehicle costed them around Rs. 50,000 which is much cheaper than the one they found in the mall.

The car features AJS Motors branding on the windshield, steering wheel, hood ornament and on the grille too. Javed has also said that he has plans for a more lightweight construction for the chassis and he also plans to go all-electric with the vehicle. There is no doubt that this miniature vintage vehicle attracts a lot of attention whenever the family drives it on road.