Over 2,000 Royal Enfield Motorcycles FINED; Modified Exhausts Destroyed In Pune

pune police crush royal enfield modified silencers

Just a few days ago, it was reported that the police authorities of Pune, Maharashtra, seized over 571 Royal Enfield motorcycles with modified silencers. All of these modified silencers were then crushed by a road roller, and fines were issued to the owners of such bikes. Now, it has been reported that over the last 12 days, Pune police have managed to issue fines to 2,183 motorcycle riders with modified silencers. This drive was initiated by Pune police on February 7 in order to curb down the noise pollution created by these riders.

Over 2,000 Royal Enfield Motorcycles FINED; Modified Exhausts Destroyed In Pune


Over 2,000 bike riders with modified silencers fined

As reported earlier, a total of 571 silencers were crushed by the Pune police, and since the beginning of this initiative, a total of 2,183 bike owners with modified silencers have been fined. It has also been reported that the Pune police, in a bold action, is also planning to submit a proposal to the RTO department. Under this proposal, the Pune police will request to cancel the license of motorcycle riders who get caught for the second time with modified silencers.

Additionally, in an attempt to discourage the use of modified silencers by young riders, the parents of these youngsters are being summoned to the police stations. Also, it has been reported that the police department is also seizing their vehicles with modified silencers and impounding them for 24 hours. Following this, they are taking off the modified silencers from these impounded bikes and destroying them to set a strict example. The Pune police department has also warned six aftermarket accessories shops to stop selling such modified silencers.

Over 2,000 Royal Enfield Motorcycles FINED; Modified Exhausts Destroyed In Pune

Commenting on this strict drive to curb noise pollution, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Shashikant Borate said, “Motorists using modified silencers are creating sound and noise pollution, causing public nuisance. We’ve been consistently receiving complaints about groups of motorcyclists driving late at night, disrupting the peace.” He added, “These errant motorists are not only a nuisance for school and college students but also for the elderly and pedestrians. We’ve observed disturbances in silent zones during the night when there is no traffic police presence. To address this, we initiated a special drive against such offenders.” Borate concluded by saying, “There is no provision in the Motor Vehicles Act that allows motorists to use modified silencers.”

Special WhatsApp number to report offenders

Just a few days ago, it was also reported that the Pune police and transport department authorities have also initiated a whistleblower program. With the help of this program, they are urging citizens to report instances of modified exhaust systems, particularly those emitting excessive noise. The authorities have introduced a dedicated WhatsApp number in which residents can easily notify officials of motorcycles equipped with loud silencers. Following the complaint, strict actions are taken against these offenders.

Over 2,000 Royal Enfield Motorcycles FINED; Modified Exhausts Destroyed In Pune

Over Rs 50 lakh fine was collected last year

It has been reported that last year, the police authorities managed to fine over 5,000 motorcyclists. It was also reported that these motorcyclists were fined Rs 1,000 each, bringing up a total collection of Rs 50 lakh. Additionally, Borate has stated that this year the repeat offenders are facing double the fine of Rs 2,000 and are being strictly caught by police authorities at various checkpoints.