Pune Police officials nab Hyundai i10 thief in just 40 minutes thanks to GPS tracker

In India’s several cases of vehicle theft happen on a daily basis. Many of them are reported and only a few vehicles are recovered due to several reasons. We have featured several cases where stolen vehicle was recovered by police from different parts of the country. Similar incident recently happened in Pune, Maharashtra. Pune Police caught a car thief within 40 minutes after the car was stolen. The car that the thief stole was equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) and that helped the cops track the vehicle location and catch the thief.

Pune Police officials nab Hyundai i10 thief in just 40 minutes thanks to GPS tracker

The accused Abhishek Panwar had stolen a first gen Hyundai i10 hatchback from Pune’s Camp area. When the owner of the vehicle Musharraf Sheikh found out that his car was missing from office parking, he checked the location of the car on his mobile phone. Once he figured out the location of the car, he went to the nearby police station (Charbawdi police station) and filed a complaint. Later, The suspect was nabbed by the Wanawadi and Lashkar police after a chase.

The owner of the stolen vehicle said, “My i10 car was stolen from the office parking. I checked the location of the car on the mobile, and found that it was near Hutchings School. I went to the Charbawdi police chowki and informed constable Sangram Varpe Patil. After I told him about the GPS, he asked me to sit on his bike and tell him the location of the car. Along with police constables Vaibhav Hilal and Varpe Patil, we started searching for the car.”

Meanwhile, Constable Varpe Patil had informed about this incident to the Senior Inspector Ashok Kadam and Control Room. The cops had also informed Wanawadi police station as the car was in a location that came under their jurisdiction. Constable Varpe Patil said, “The Wanawadi police were alerted and they also started chasing the car thief. Traffic police constable Dnyaneshwar Gaikwad, constable Yogesh Rathod of Wanawadi police, and Radheshyam Gaikwad caught the car thief.”

After the cops had spotted the stolen car being driven around in the city, Constable Rathod overtook the car and stopped his motorcycle in front of the car to bring the car to a halt but, the thief did not stop and continued to move forward after hitting the motorcycle. Cops continued the chase and was finally caught.

The owner was lucky enough to get his car back in just 40 minutes and the reason why got it back is because of the GPS. There are several equipment and accessories available in the market to protect your vehicle when you are not around your vehicle. Owner can buy steering locks, gear locks and many other accessories including GPS to keep the vehicle safe. Most modern cars now come with location tracking services which makes things easier for the owner. Apart from this, you should also make sure that you do not park your vehicle at a secluded place or dark place. Always park at a place with proper light and regular footfalls.

Via: Pune Mirror