Pune Police seizes 40 vehicles, arrests 80 for participating in a criminal’s funeral bike rally [Video]

Maharashtra is one of the worst-affected states in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Still, there are many irresponsible citizens who will come out of their homes for unnecessary things. In Pune, about 200 persons participated in a funeral procession of a criminal. The police have now dispatched numerous teams to nab these offenders.

After receiving criticism about the gathering, the Pune Police has become active and have formed fifteen teams to nab the offenders. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 2) – Sagar Patil said that till Sunday, a total of 80 people were caught as many as 40 vehicles have been seized.

The fifteen teams are currently conducting raids in various locations to nab the offenders who participated in the procession. Videos of hundreds of people gathering at the funeral of the Madhav Waghate, a 28-year old and a criminal according to the police record was killed on Saturday. He was stabbed in Bibvewadi after a dispute over WhatsApp status. Someone stabbed him in the head and the incident happened at about 1 AM on Saturday.

His body was cremated at around 1 PM on Saturday. A two-wheeler rally was organised during his funeral procession inside the city. As per the reports, over 125 two-wheelers came and participated in the rally. The rally started from Dhankawadi to Katraj cemetery. The cops registered a case against 150 to 200 people at Sahakarnagar police station.

Maharashtra COVID cases

Pune Police seizes 40 vehicles, arrests 80 for participating in a criminal’s funeral bike rally [Video]

The Maharastra was the hotspot and it was one of the worst-hit states during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the doctors have reported a higher rate of fatality from a few areas and it includes Pune too. The state has remained under lockdown and curfew for a few weeks now. In the latest development, the government has increased the lockdown till 1st June.

In fact, entry is restricted in Maharashtra and one requires COVID-19 negative report to enter the state. The lockdown in Maharashtra has ensured a restricted movement for anyone. Only the healthcare workers and essential services are allowed in the state during the latest lockdown.

Also, all the shops selling essentials are allowed to operate between 7 am and 11 am only while the home deliveries are allowed till 8 PM. While the government has allowed the movement of public transport with like buses, taxis and auto rickshaw with 50% capacity but the travellers will have to prove that they are moving around only with a valid reason. Even if people come out on their own private vehicles, they need to show a valid cause to come out.

After the lockdown like situation in the state, the number of active COVID-19 cases have come down from around 7 lakh to 4.8 lakh at the moment. The Maharashtra police have seized thousands of vehicles across the city from anyone who is breaking the lockdown rules.