Pune traffic cop removes garbage from manhole to ensure smooth traffic flow

The incident happened on September 9th when a traffic cop had to remove the garbage from a chamber. Because of the garbage, the water accumulated on the road. Once the garbage was out the water level decreased and the traffic flow could be smoothed out once again. Local residents and his seniors accolade the non-selfish act of the cop.

It was Constable Nikhil Krishna Nagawade who cleaned the garbage. He was posted with the Kondhwa Traffic division of Pune City Police. Water was accumulated at Lullanagar Chowk. Due to this, the traffic situation got worse. Nikhil soon found out the reason behind water accumulation and decided to take action immediately.

He noticed that garbage is stuck in the chamber and it is not letting water to not flow out properly. Nikhil started removing the garbage that was blocking the chamber. He used a long stick and his bare hands to do so. Once the garbage was cleared, the water could flow easily and the water level started decreasing. Because of this, the traffic jam cleared up.

Pune traffic cop removes garbage from manhole to ensure smooth traffic flow

A similar incident happened few months back

The incident happened in July when there was huge congestion near Mulund Toll, Mumbai. Two cops noticed the reason for the congestion was a big pothole. Because of which the vehicles were going around it. They immediately passed on the information to the control room. They also informed the BMC T-Ward. Unfortunately, no one was available there at that time.

Pune traffic cop removes garbage from manhole to ensure smooth traffic flow

Both the cops noticed that there is construction happening nearby and there is a lot of debris lying there. So, they decided to take matters into their own hands. They took some of the debris from the construction site, loaded it onto a wheelbarrow and picked up a spade. Then they started filling that huge pothole with that debris. This helped in easing up the traffic flow as now the vehicles could go through the pothole. The name of the police constables was Sanjay Wagh and Sahebrao Chavan.

Waterlogging is a big concern 

In India, every time it rains heavily, most of the roads gets waterlogged and the underpasses get flooded. This mostly happens because water has nowhere to exit. Water also hides the big potholes and bad patches of roads which can damage a vehicle. Even full-size SUVs like Toyota Fortuner can get stuck in such situations. We recently reported about a Toyota Fortuner that entered the underpass but the water level was too high that the SUV drowned in water and stopped working. The owner had to climb up the roof of the Fortuner and call for help. Finally, a tractor was called to rescue the Fortuner. The tractor came and towed the Fortuner out of the underpass.

Pune traffic cop removes garbage from manhole to ensure smooth traffic flow

The driver must have misjudged the depth of the waterlogging. Due to this, he thought that the Fortuner should be able to cross the underpass but that did not happen. As the water level increases, it becomes difficult for the vehicle to breathe and once it takes in water, the engine is stalled.


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