Pune woman to travel across 30 countries on her Honda Highness wearing a saree to promote Indian culture [Video]

India is no short of people who are ambitious, although this one woman from Pune might be one of if not the most ambitious of them all. Recently it has been reported that the social entrepreneur Ramila Latpte, 27, from Chinchwad Pune will be riding her motorcycle from India and will be travelling 100,000 kilometers through 20 to 30 countries. This itself is one big journey but to add to it she plans on to doing it by wearing a traditional Marathi saree.

It has revealed by the social entrepreneur Latpte that on March 9, 2023, at 4:30 p.m., she will depart from Mumbai’s Gateway of India. Eknath Shinde, the chief minister of Maharashtra, Prasad Nagarkar, Shantanu Nayudu, Shrirang Barane, MLAs Mahesh Landge, Ashwini Jagtap, and Suresh Bhoir are currently anticipated to attend the flag-off ceremony. She has told that she will return to India on March 8th, 2024 precisely a year after her flagging off ceremony.

According to Latpte the reason behind this trip is that she plans to promote various aspects of Maharashtra culture by highlighting the state’s distinctive products and offerings. In addition to travelling, she aims to preserve and promote Indian culture in each place she visits. As mentioned one of the major highlights of this trip will be that she will be riding her motorcycle across the countries wearing the Saree. Which brings us to our take on it.

Risky riding without proper gear

Pune woman to travel across 30 countries on her Honda Highness wearing a saree to promote Indian culture [Video]

We all already know that riding motorcycles is a risky business and doing so without wearing proper gear is just another invitation to accidents that could harm the life. Riding Gears are nothing but best-possible protection for our body but made in such a way that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. These gears more often then not have saved peoples lives from death.

No one can foresee when an accident will occur but let’s say you’re travelling at a consistent speed on a wide highway or through the heaviest traffic in your city to go to work. What if you were struck by someone as a result of aggressive driving, an electrical malfunction, being unconscious, or, in the worst case scenario, losing control and falling? Even if you were following the laws of the road, things still go wrong. This is may a still far fetched but these occur more regularly than you may think. It is to be noted that using protective gear while riding does not ensure that you will get home unscathed, but it can lessen the severity of an accident and keep you safe most of the time.

We believe that promoting Indian culture is a great idea but we also believe that not taking care of your life is also not a very great thing to do. Maybe the rider should find some method to integrate both the safety and cultural aspect to make this ride worthwhile and safe.

Utkarsh Deshmukh

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