Pune youth climbs on car, breaks windshield after road rage: Caught on Dashcam

pune road rage

Most metropolitan cities are suffering from heavy traffic situations and traffic jams. The heavy flow of traffic also causes road rage and there has been a rise in such incidents as well. This road rage incident from Pune, Maharashtra got caught on a dashboard camera and police have already filed a complaint against the 26-year-old.

The high drama road rage happened on the Aundh road on Friday night when the accused identified as Sujeet Satish Kate started abusing a couple after stopping his car in front of their vehicle. This happened in the middle of the road. Sujeet was also identified as a Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) worker and allegedly abused and sexually harassed the woman in the car as well. He made sexual remarks at the lady.

The woman filed a complaint at Chaturshrungu police station against the accused. The whole incident got caught on the dashboard camera as well.

Pune youth climbs on car, breaks windshield after road rage: Caught on Dashcam

The incident that happened at around 9 pm shows Kate climbing onto the bonnet of the car and hitting the windshield causing it to break. The woman’s in-laws live in Aundh and she was going to pick up a parcel with her husband when the incident happened. While the traffic was moving slowly, the couple noticed that Kate’s car was about to hit their vehicle. To avoid contact, the woman smacked her hand against Kate’s car and signalled him to wait.

However, Kate got enraged and got out of his car. He climbed to the bonnet and hit the windshield and break it. He also threatened to kill the couple and smashed the door of the couple’s car, which caused injury to the husband.

Police told Pune Mirror,

“The road rage incident led to molestation. The complainant has alleged that the accused abused her in filthy language and damaged her car. We have lodged the FIR under section 354(A)(4)( making sexually coloured remarks, shall be guilty of the offence of sexual harassment), 324( voluntarily causing hurt), 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code. We issued him a notice under section 41 of the criminal procedure code.”

Be calm and composed if you face road rage

Road rage can occur unexpectedly and escalate rapidly. It is crucial to maintain a calm and composed demeanor while driving, especially on the chaotic roads of India. Here are some tips to help you avoid road rage incidents:

Stay relaxed: Driving should be a soothing experience. Create a relaxed environment by switching on music or the air conditioner. Take deep breaths and try to maintain a positive mood while on the road.

Follow traffic rules: Adhere to the speed limit and use appropriate signals when changing lanes. Regularly check your rearview mirrors to stay aware of your surroundings. Allow room for others’ mistakes or aggressive behavior without responding in kind.

Practice politeness: Strive to be as polite as possible. At a roundabout, yield to drivers coming from the right as they have the right of way. Slow down and let them pass. If a car ahead of you is signaling to merge into your lane, be accommodating and create space instead of closing the gap.

By adopting these tips, you can minimize the chances of getting involved in road rage incidents and contribute to a safer and more harmonious driving environment.