Punjab Police chase a tractor for 2.5 hours and make arrest in GTA style [Video]

The recent famer protests across Punjab saw heightened security by Punjab Police on the highways. The police had set-up barricades on the highways. A video from the region shows how a few youths on a tractor broke the barricades and got chased by the police for 2.5 hours. They were finally arrested.

We are not sure about the exact location of this video but it happened somewhere in Punjab near the highways that run across the state. The video shows how a few youngsters ran around on a tractor and did not stop police barricades. The police then used a bus to chase the tractor but could not stop the youngsters.

The police also used the bus to block the path of the tractor but failed to stop it. According to information, the police did not give up and continued the chase for 2.5 hours. Meanwhile, we could see in the video, how the tractor managed to escape the police by jumping the dividers, taking off-road paths and simply using brute force to run free.

Punjab Police chase a tractor for 2.5 hours and make arrest in GTA style [Video]

There is no information on why the youths were driving around like this. However, the end of the video shows that the police had set-up a barricade in a crowded area to slow down the tractor. They finally caught the law-breaking citizens, arrested them and put them in the same bus that was used in the chase.

While the police work in a coordinated manner by informing their counterparts on the movement of the suspects, it looks like Punjab Police did not have enough personnel to stop the tractor.

Chases are not common in India

Unlike USA and several other countries, the cops chasing vehicles is not very common in India. In developed countries, cops would have used a larger force to nab the law-breakers. In the USA, most of such cases are dealt with force and often helicopters are involved for real-time tracking and visuals on the suspects. But in India, police forces do not have helicopters at their disposal.

Also, the video shows that the youngsters on the tractor were running around at high speed and even jumped on the wrong way of the road. Due to the farmer protests, the roads were empty, else it could have resulted in a high speed accident. The youngsters on the tractor did break numerous laws including dangerously driving and putting the lives of others on risk.

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