Punjab Police cop helps a French tourer on Ducati Scrambler [Video]

Many across India see the police force as an unfriendly bunch of people but it seems like all policemen are not the same. A French tourist, who is on a 30,000 km road trip to Sri Lanka from France is currently in India. This is how Punjab Police helped him and also gave him a ride on a humble Hero Splendor.

Pierre, who vlogs on his channel “Ride With Frenchy” was travelling between Amritsar and Chandigarh when the incident happened. The incident happened after he left for Chandigarh and on the way, the strap holding his luggage gave away. Pierre was stuck in the middle of the road for quite some time.

While he pushed his Ducati Scrambler to the side of the road and continued struggling with the strap, a couple of policemen came toward him. They asked Pierre if he needs any help. After saying no, the policemen stuck around with him.

The rider Pierre explained the situation and told the policemen that he knows a shop from where they can buy new luggage straps. The personnel offered him help and told him that he can park the bike near the police booth safely and get the straps.

After Pierre drags his Ducati Scrambler across the road to the police booth, the other policemen join in and tell him where he needs to go for the straps. One of the policemen offered him a ride on a motorcycle to a nearby shop where such straps are available.

Ride on Splendor

Punjab Police cop helps a French tourer on Ducati Scrambler [Video]

Pierre got on the pillion seat of the Hero Splendor and went to buy the new straps. After getting the straps, the policeman who identified himself as Rajinder Singh dropped him back at the place where his motorcycle was parked.

The policemen join in a group to ask him questions. When Pierre reveals that he is from France and rode the Ducati for 28,000 km to reach India, they were in shock and awe. They also tell Pierre that he has a lot of guts to ride like this. Initially, the policemen thought that Pierre shipped the motorcycle from France via air or ship cargo.

Pierre then enquired about the route from Rajinder Singh and then set off to his destination in Chandigarh. It is always great to see such friendly policemen who help others on the roads. Most people are scared of the policemen but that has been changing slowly.

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