Brand New KTM Duke 390 Owner Stunts On Public Road: Cops Seize Bike (Video)

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Young riders doing stunts on public roads for the sake of making viral social media content has become a very common sight lately. Such irresponsible behavior on the road often leads to accidents. We have seen several cases where cops have actually come across such videos and have taken action against them. One such incident has now come from Punjab’s Patiala where cops actually seized the bike of a young biker who was seen doing stunts on a public road using his new KTM Duke 390 bike.


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The video has been shared by Patiala police on their official Instagram page. They’ve actually created a troll video to make it more appealing among social media users. In the video that has gone viral, we see a young boy riding a current generation KTM Duke 390 motorcycle on a road. We are assuming that the rider was doing stunts on the road in front of a college or school. There are students in uniform on the side of the road.

The rider turns the KTM Duke and pops a wheelie. He rides the bike with his front wheel in the air for some distance. After this, he turns the bike and once again starts riding towards the direction where the camera was. As he reached closer to the camera, he immediately applied front brakes and pulled off a stoppie. The rider looked experienced in doing such stunts. He was very clean while doing the wheelie and stoppie; however, as much as we would like to appreciate his skill, we cannot overlook the fact that he was not wearing any riding gear.

Brand New KTM Duke 390 Owner Stunts On Public Road: Cops Seize Bike (Video)
Duke 390 stunt

He was not wearing a helmet, gloves, or any pads to protect his knees or elbows. No matter how confident you are at your skill, it is always a good idea to wear safety gear while riding two-wheelers.

The rider was probably doing the stunt in order to make a viral social media video. If he wears a helmet, people won’t recognize him in the video. People doing such stunts on roads are very common. What they often forget is that they are not just putting their own lives at risk but also the lives of other road users.

The biker as seen here was doing the stunt on a public road. In fact, towards the end of the stunt video, we see him stop right behind a Hyundai Xcent taxi. If the biker had lost control for some reason, he would have either crashed into the cab or even worse would have crashed into the students watching him on the side of the road.

Patiala police came across the same video and took action against the rider. They traced the rider using social media and the registration number of the bike. His motorcycle was seized, and the rider was also taken into custody.

The exact details of charges and fines issued against the rider are not mentioned here. In the past, we have seen Uttar Pradesh police issue up to Rs 30-40,000 in similar cases. Once again, public roads are for everyone and it is not the place to pull off stunts. If you really want to do such stunts, choose a private property or track and wear proper safety gear.