Question of the day: Best diesel sedan under Rs11 lakh?

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Rajib Kundu is planning to buy a diesel sedan in the Rs.10 lakh-Rs. 11 lakh price band. He wants the community to help him decide which of the cars he has shortlisted will be best for his needs.

His priorities are features, comfort, ride quality and a short waiting period. Rajib has shortlisted the Hyundai Verna Fluidic 1.6 SX, Volkswagen Vento Diesel Highline, Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.5 TDCi and the Skoda Rapid 1.6 TDI Elegance.

Question of the day: Best diesel sedan under Rs11 lakh?

The Hyundai Fluidic Verna 1.6 CRDi SX has a mileage of 22 kmpl and costs Rs. 9.50 lakh and is pretty feature loaded. The FORD FIESTA 1.5D Trend variant has a mileage of 23 kmpl and costs Rs. 9.79 lakh, which makes in much more expensive than the Verna and still misses out on a lot of features. The Fiesta though handles much better.

The Volkswagen Vento 1.6 TDI Highline has a mileage of 20 kmpl and costs only Rs. 9.44 lakh so it is cheaper than the Verna and the Fiesta but also lacks in terms of features. The    Skoda Rapid Elegance 1.6 TDI CR too has a mileage of 20 kmpl but is much more affordable at Rs. 9.20 lakh. So if Rajib is looking for a cheap value for money diesel sedan the Rapid is a good bet. However in terms of out right features none of these cars compare to the Verna. What car do you think Rajib should opt for? Share your views in the comments section below.