Do diesel engines last as long as petrol engines - longevity of petrol and diesel engines for cars

Question of the day: Do diesel engines last as long as petrol engines?

Evan Neeft Boro has a question that almost all new buyers have, who are not familiar enough with car technologies. Are the new diesel engines in the cars that we see today going to last as long as the petrol engines?

Most of us car buyers are not very clued in about the engine technologies, and have known this as conventional wisdom that diesel engines are not supposed to be as good as petrol engines.

But these days, when it comes to value for money, buying a diesel car makes a lot more sense than the petrol version. Yesterday, the Maruti Suzuki team told CarToq that 80% of the new Swift bookings have been for the diesel variants. Only two months back, car companies including Ford told us that 70% of their Figo bookings were diesel. Also see our Diesel Decider tool

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So not only are diesel cars selling more than petrol, the percentage seems to be rising even more.

And yet, while the immediate economics is in favor of the diesel cars, there are still some questions related to performance that buyers are not always clear about.

As Evan Neeft Boro asked other CarToq members, will the diesel engine last as long as petrol? Or, do they degrade faster? When you say, petrol engines are more refined, what does it really mean for an average car buyer? What is really a more refined engine? Should a buyer really bother about this aspect?

Share your answers below. It will help everyone make better informed decisions.