Question of the day: Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDi or Volkswagen Polo Highline?

Pradeep Tokas has asked the community whether he should go for the Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDI or the Volkswagen Polo Highline. Help him by sharing your opinions.

The Swift ZDI proved to be the popular option on our facebook fan page but the long waiting period that the car demands can be a turn off for many. The Maruti Swift ZDI costs Rs. 6.48 lakh in Delhi while the Volkswagen Polo Highline costs Rs. 7.06 lakh. It is evident that the Swift is much more affordable option but the Polo does come with a premium due to its Volkswagen tag.

question of the day

The Swift also has a claimed mileage of 23 kmpl compared to the Polo’s claimed mileage of 22 kmpl, although that is not a big difference in times where fuel prices are rinsing day by day every bit counts.

The Swift is also a lot more fun to drive than the Polo. Although both the cars make 74 bhp of power the Swift reaches that point at 4,000 rpm while the Polo takes 4,200 rpm. The Swift also makes more torque at 190 Nm against the Polo’ 180 Nm.

So ideally the Swift is the better option for Pradeep but if he cannot afford to wait for it then the Volkswagen Polo is an equally value for money vehicle. What do you suggest for Pradeep? Share your views in the comments section below.

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