Raunak Verma has asked the community which car he should buy. He has a budget of Rs.6 lakh and is looking for a diesel car which means fuel economy is essential.

His primary concerns are fuel economy, good quality interiors and basic features like power windows, AC etc. Raunak was also specific about the fact that he is looking for decent ride quality and average boot and rear seat space.

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He also mentioned that he wants a car with easy maintenance and after sales service. However he has already ruled out the Chevrolet Beat, Ford Figo and the Tata Indica as these cars don’t appeal to his sensibilities. In practice, the only car that fulfills all of his needs is the Maruti Suzuki Ritz diesel which will be close to Rs.6 lakh on-road in Hyderabad.

He also has another option; the Fiat Punto which as dwsautomember Vishwas Bharadwaj mentioned is a good vehicle with decent performance and build quality. The only drawback here would be the poor after sales service Fiat customers suffer from as Fiat relies on Tata’s service network for after sales.

The Ritz and Punto are both good car but while Ritz has Maruti’s wide service network to back it, Punto has its drop dead gorgeous Italian design and comfort.  What would you suggest for Raunak? Share your views.


  1. bro the most efective diesel engine in 1000cc to 1500 cc is developed by fiat in2005 that has been rewarded as the no 1 engine for concecutive 6 years in this segment this engine is used bye swift punto and vista quadrajet……..choice is urs….

  2. East or west ford figo is the best test drive it and compare it with all other cars in this segment u will find it best

  3. Go with the Punto…
    Nowadays ritz diesel is facing approx. 6 months waiting period.
    and if u belong to metropolitan city then u will find decent aftersales services.

  4. Punto is better than ritz, After sales service- u always don ve to give it to d TATA s , don u ve the Bosch car care?

  5. I heard that….fiat is planning to setup a dealership network next year…so hope to get a better resale aftr 4 -5 yrs….and as said its a deadly italian design..n if u can wait ,, wait for swift.

  6. ritz does not hav a waiting period! it’s readily available! and it’s the best deal u can get for 6 lakh!

  7. just go for ritz or swift if good service network is your concern…….. otherwise go for polo 1.2 treadline.

  8. Beat is a very bad vehicle to drive….it gives only looks and it is not powerful as the ritz and punto………so it is good for raunak verma to choose between ritz and punto….the best car..The plus point of ritz is it is fuel effecient, spacious good A.S.S, value for money and also it has a long wheelbase in this segment to go anywhere….and the punto is a gorgeous car to drive even it is als

  9. I have a ritz….but I drove a punto and was in love with it…..punto will give u 18-20 milege….solid build quality…..maintainence less than a maruti suzuki….raw power….only draw back is sales and service…..but oil and filter change can b done by any mechanic….it has no other problems….

  10. i think u must go with ritz or vista quadra.both r good cars in there aspect. Ritz is a tall boy while vista is total value for wt u pay.

  11. WELL GO FOR FIAT PUNTO superbbbbbbbb cr compare to Ritz…rotz is a very comman car and has a very bad desighn especialy from rear..Punto is a nice car with good space, big boot space, looks good, sturdy, comfortable, safe……..so my suggestion is Punto or else u can go for Polo, I 20, Fogo, Beat, Fabia.

  12. I agree with most of the previous comments. You can go for Punto. Fiat is known for its solid built quality and Punto is an italian angel. It has a long wheel base which will offer you a better ride quality where as Ritz will have a lot of body roll while cornering and in Highways thanks to its tallboy design. Yes! The after sales service of most of the Tata dealers are not upto the mark but it is

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