Question of the week: Dzire, Etios, Verito or Classic?

CarToq Community Member Dasari asked which car he should buy out of the Swift Dzire LDI, Toyota Etios GD, Mahindra Verito D2 and the Ford Classic Lxi. The community responded with lot of interesting answers, take a look.

CarToq Expert Babychen Mathew said, “Out of the four, the most popular and cheapest to run will be the Dzire. However, you won’t get a big boot. And interior space is the smallest of all four. Classic is the most complete car out of these four. It is a proper full sized car, with enough space and a big boot. Maximum space is in the Verito – but it is the quite unsophisticated.”

Question of the week: Dzire, Etios, Verito or Classic?

“But if big space is important, then the Verito is the best. Etios also offers a lot of space and Toyota’s reliability. However, this is a car with bad sound insulation, so you get a lot of noise inside the car,” he added.

While another CarToq Expert Rishabh P Nair suggested that Dasari should take a look the Fiesta versus Dzire and Etios story to narrow down his choices.

Dasari then specified that his primary needs and limitation were that he needs a car that costs around Rs.8 lakh on-road Bangalore, is low maintenance has good boot space, has at least average interiors and good resale value.

At this point in the discussion CarToq Expert Shreyans Jain came in and said, “Good boot space cuts out the Dzire. The interiors of the Etios are nothing to write home about. And I am not very optimistic about the resale value of the Verito. At a price point of Rs.8, the lower models of the Tata Manza will also fit in your budget. I think it will be a better choice compared to all the cars you are considering.”

“It’s a size bigger than the Classic, inside out and much more spacious. Interiors are pretty good too. Take a test drive of the Manza Aura and the Classic diesel to decide,” Shreyans said.

There was more useful advice for Dasari which came from CarToq Expert Roshun Povaiah. He suggested that Dasari should check out the Ford Classic but it will exceed his budget and that the Dzire is the only option under Rs.8 lakh on-road.

After this and much more discussion Dasari narrowed down his choices to the Maruti Suzuki Dzire and the Toyota Etios. Do you think you can help Dasari in deciding which car he should buy? See the full discussion here.