Anand Mahindra On Indian Grandma With 11 Driving Licenses!

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Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, is known for being extremely active on social media. He often promotes his brand and shares interesting videos and facts online. He has a huge fan following and frequently interacts with his followers in the comment section. Recently, Anand Mahindra shared a post about a 73-year-old Indian grandma who holds a driving license for 11 types of vehicles. If you have been following our website for long enough, you already know who this grandma is.

The post was shared by Anand Mahindra with the caption, “An insatiable appetite for life… And a desire to leave behind her footprint—or her foot on as many pedals as possible. Age is truly just a number for her… She’s my #MondayMotivation.” The grandma seen in the post is Radhamani. For many, driving is a passion, and Radhamani Amma is one such person. This 73-year-old woman hails from Kerala’s Thoppumpady in Kochi.

The comment section under this post is also interesting. Most of them are really surprised and appreciate what Radhamani Amma has achieved. One user wrote, “This is our country India. There is no dearth of diversity here. Age is not considered for talent here. Jai Hind Jai Bharat!” Some other users wrote, “Living life to the fullest! Keep inspiring us with your unstoppable spirit,” “Age is just a milestone on the journey of leaving our mark.”

She is currently running A-Z Driving School in Kerala. This organization or driving institute was started by her husband back in 1970. In 2004, her husband passed away in an accident. Radhamani Amma started managing the business after that. She helped her children and family members run the business.

She is currently the only woman in the country to hold a license to drive vehicles of 11 different categories. She has a license to operate an excavator, forklift, crane, drive a road roller, tractor, container trailer truck, bus, lorry, and many more. In 2021, she also got her license to transport hazardous goods.

Anand Mahindra On Indian Grandma With 11 Driving Licenses!
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Radhamani Amma got her license to drive a bus and a truck in 1988. She, along with her husband, drove the bus from Thoppumpady to Cherthala where the heavy vehicle’s license authority was based during that time.

The reason why Radhamani Amma holds a license to drive so many vehicles is simple. In order to run a driving school, it is a must that the proprietors or the instructors have a license for the vehicles that they teach.

Radhamani Amma is quite active on social media. We often see her sharing driving tips or interesting reels on A-Z Driving School’s official Instagram page. She is also seen driving sports cars like Jaguar F-Type and BMW Z4 in her videos. She recently posted a video of her driving a Jaguar F-Type while her daughter-in-law was driving a BMW Z4 behind her.

Radhamani Amma is definitely an inspiration to many women who want to be independent and want to leave a mark of their own in this society. She encourages many women to come forward and learn how to drive vehicles from different categories. There are women from Kerala who are driving trucks and other heavy vehicles.