Raging bull attacks bikers & uproots a fuel pump

Stray cattle and other animals are quite common on the Indian roads. While most of the time, they do not interact with the human world, once in a while they do get aggravated. Reasons behind that can be quite many but the results are often hilarious or dangerous. Here is one such video captured in the CCTV where a bull charges on two bikers for unknown reasons. Here is the result captured in the video.

The bull can be seen running on the side of the road and suddenly a rider and pillion enter the frame on a red motorcycle. The bull seems to be charging at them. When the biker realised that they cannot escape, they abandoned the motorcycle there and ran away. The bull hit the motorcycle and broke the fuel pump. Seems like that the event happened very late at night and the station was empty.

This video seems to be from somewhere outside India until the footage has been mirrored. Since the vehicles on the road are on the right-hand side instead of the left-hand-side like in India. However, this seems from an international place rather than India. However, there is no doubt that such incidents are quite common in India too. If you check online, there are several videos where the cows or bulls attacking at the motorists and even elephants and Rhinos attacking vehicles.

It is quite common to see such things happening. However, on the highways, stray cattle and animals become a real nuisance. Since you cannot predict their moves and the vehicles remain at very high speed on the highways, a lot of accidents happen because of them. Also, at night, such animals and stray cattle are almost invincible, which increases the chances of accidents. There are numerous accidents that happen because of the animals on the roads. That’s why you get to see the signs on the highways about animal crossings.

Raging bull attacks bikers & uproots a fuel pump

In fact, authorities of a few states have started putting reflective tapes on the horn of the cattle to make them more visible at night. While the authorities take various measures to keep the animals and stray cattle off the highways, it is not always possible. That is why one should be vigilant and should be more careful, especially at night.

If driving on an unlit road or highway, always lookout on the sides of the roads for stray animals. They may just jump in front of the vehicle causing an accident. Also, slow down while driving at night, especially on the stretches where traffic is sparse. Most animals do not come near the vehicles and if there is a continuous movement on the road, it is likely to remain free of any stray animals. However, that is not true with the cattle as they are more human-friendly.

If you hit an animal, always park the vehicle and check the status of the animal first. Call for an ambulance or an animal NGO who can help you to take the animal to a vet. Post that, check the vehicle properly, check the radiator and look out for underbody damages before starting the journey again.

Shantonil Nag

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