Watch Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi take a spin on a snowmobile in Gulmarg, Kashmir [Video]

Bharat Jodo Yatra was a mass movement held by Indian National Congress Party. Famous Indian politician Rahul Gandhi led the campaign. The Bharat Jodo Yatra started from Kanyakumari on September 7, 2022 and ended in Srinagar in January 30, 2023. The movement and news related to the same had surfaced online and it remained a topic of discussion in the news for nearly 136 days. A new video of Rahul Gandhi has now surfaced online, where he and his sister Priyanka Gandhi are seen riding a snowmobile in Kashmir’s Gulmarg.

The video has been shared by National President of Indian Youth Congress, Srinivas BV on Twitter. In this video, Rahul Gandhi along with his sister Priyanka Gandhi are seen riding a snowmobile. As we already know, mountain regions of North India have experienced heavy snowfall and during this time, snow sports like skiing and other recreational activities become popular. It looks like the snowmobile seen here in the video belonged to one such operator from the region.

Rahul Gandhi is seen sitting on the snowmobile. He is posing for pictures with a person and after than, he starts riding the snowmobile. From what we can see from the video, Rahul Gandhi is riding a Polaris Voyageur series snowmobile. Polaris is a manufacturer that specialises in making such vehicles. They even have ATVS, quad bikes and snowmobiles in their line-up. The manufacturer was present in the Indian market for few years but, due to low sales, they had to exit from the market.

In this video, the person recording the video can be heard saying that Rahul Gandhi rode the snowmobile to 11,600 feet. Rahul Gandhi is seen riding the bike in snow with Priyanka sitting as the pillion. After riding the snowmobile for some time, they swap positions and Priyanka starts riding the snowmobile. Both of them can be seen riding the snowmobile effortlessly through the thick layer of snow on the mountains.

Watch Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi take a spin on a snowmobile in Gulmarg, Kashmir [Video]

The snowmobiles are designed in such a manner that they can easily glide over the snow. The ski-like planks are placed at the front which helps it glide over the snow without much of an issue. The motor or the engine is connected to a snowmobile track at the rear. The track is wide which means, the scooter won’t get stuck in the snow. There are no wheels on the snowmobile. It is not clear whether the snowmobile experience was part of the Bharat Jodo Yatra or were they enjoying it after the campaign had ended.

This is not the first time, Rahul Gandhi’s video has viral on the internet. Few weeks ago, another video had surfaced online where Rahul Gandhi had given a glimpse of the container where he used to stay as part of the Bharat Jodo Yatra. The container was well-furnished and were equipped with all the essentials and amenities one needs on a long journey. It gets amenities like a double bed with pillows and mattresses, lockable shelf, an air conditioner above the shelf, couch, ceiling fan, attached bathroom with wash basin, geyser for hot water and other features.

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