Raj Thackeray’s vehicle convoy gets into an accident; 10 cars damaged

Ahead of the mega rally scheduled in Aurangabad, MNS chief Raj Thackrey’s convoy met with an accident. The convoy was coming from Pune and was heading towards the procession. Three cars in the convoy collided with each other. Reportedly, director Kedar Shinde and actor Ankush Chaudhari were travelling in the convoy.

The video footage shows a mega collision involving at least 10 cars. There are no injuries reported in this accident. The details of the accident are not out yet. It seems like the cars were driving very close to each other when the pilot car applied the brakes for some reason.

All the cars behind the pilot car could not apply the brakes in time and caused the collision. Only experts drive the convoy cars that provide security covers to the elite politician. Most other convoys where the police are not involved are driven by non-experts that can cause such accidents.

Most security personnel who drive the convoys use the staggered formation to avoid such collisions. Also, the roads are cleared of public traffic to provide an uninterrupted route to the VIPs. However, none of that was done during this convoy drive of Raj Thackerey.

Security personnel go through strict training on the convoy driving manoeuvres. These manoeuvers also help security personnel to provide an escape route in case of an emergency. We doubt that any of the drivers who were a part of this convoy knew anything about driving in a strategic formation.

Raj Thackeray likes to drive his cars

Raj Thackeray’s vehicle convoy gets into an accident; 10 cars damaged

Raj Thackeray is one of the few politicians who like to drive his own cars. We do not know if he was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. In the past, we have spotted Raj Thackeray driving his own car even in the convoys. He owns a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

He is often seen driving the car himself. Raj Thackray owns multiple profit-making businesses which allow him to afford such luxuries. However, the S-Class owned by Raj Thackray belongs to an older generation.

Raj Thackeray’s vehicle convoy gets into an accident; 10 cars damaged

Thackeray also owns an old-generation Toyota Land Cruiser. Toyota Land Cruiser is a popular choice amongst high-end people of position and power. This is because of the bulletproof reliability offered by the manufacturer. Because of this feature, the Land Cruiser becomes the first choice of many celebs. Apart from this, the Land Cruiser is an extremely adaptable car and can go through rough terrains easily. Raj Thackray has been spotted multiple times driving his old-generation Land Cruiser.

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