Fitness Influencer Rajat Dalal Drives Mahindra Thar On Wrong Side At 100 Kmph: Video

mahindra thar rajat dalal wrong side 100 kmph

With the rise in the number of users of social media, it’s given that there will be some bad examples in the country. Not obeying traffic rules is one of the biggest problems that India suffers from, and when such videos are shared on the internet, they inspire a few more to do the same. Recently, the fitness influencer Rajat Dalal, via his Instagram stories, shared a video of himself driving his Mahindra Thar at the speed of 100 kmph. Now, driving a Thar at 100 kmph is not wrong; however, the wrong part is that he was doing this while driving on the wrong side, risking the lives of a number of people.

Rajat bhaiya ko roko koi :(
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Mahindra Thar driving at 100 kmph the wrong way

The video showing Instagram fitness influencer Rajat Dalal driving his Mahindra Thar at 100 kmph on the wrong side of the road has been shared on Reddit. This short video clip, in which he was doing this extremely dangerous driving, was part of a series of short stories he shared on Instagram on his profile. In this particular clip, he was arriving at an intersection where the left two lanes were completely filled. So, instead of waiting like a normal car driver, he decided to go on the wrong side of the road.

Fitness Influencer Rajat Dalal Drives Mahindra Thar On Wrong Side At 100 Kmph: Video

What’s worse is that people in India are known for their notorious actions of wrong-way driving. However, most offenders drive on the extreme side of the road where they are careful about the incoming traffic.

But in this particular scenario, Rajat Dalal was seen riding his Thar at an extremely high speed of around 100 kmph while being in the middle of the wrong side. A number of cars can be seen coming on this road, and they were trying to avoid hitting this Mahindra Thar.

Other stories by this influencer

One would think that driving at 100 kmph on the wrong side was the only dangerous stunt that this influencer could have done on a single day. However, you’d be surprised that his Instagram stories from the same day showed him doing some even more stupid stuff.

In a few more stories shared on the same day, the fitness influencer was once again seen driving the wrong way. But this time around, he was showing off his Mahindra Thar’s ability to drive on uneven surfaces by driving it on the footpath and the highway.

Fitness Influencer Rajat Dalal Drives Mahindra Thar On Wrong Side At 100 Kmph: Video

He was also seen scamming a toll booth employee as he came to a toll booth. After arriving at the booth, he showed that he was panicking and asked the toll employee to quickly remove the barrier as there was some medical emergency.

Soon after crossing the booth, he can be heard laughing, and his caption stated, “Saved Rs 70”. In the next few stories, he was seen making fun of a Ferrari 296 GTB supercar driver who was driving carefully on a heavy traffic road. He said that he is better than him in Thar as he can drive away at speed.

Never drive in the wrong way

Fitness Influencer Rajat Dalal Drives Mahindra Thar On Wrong Side At 100 Kmph: Video

At this point, it should be very obvious that driving on the wrong way of the road is an extremely dangerous stunt. And we request everyone reading this to be mindful and never drive on the wrong way as it can cause some serious accidents. In this particular instance, the Thar driver was lucky that he did not encounter any accident, but things could have become worse if someone coming would have been distracted.