Rajiv Bajaj: Auto industry not ‘Chai ki Dukaan’ : Here’s why he’s saying this

Rajiv Bajaj, one of the most outspoken people in the market has remained a strong opposer of the forceful introduction of electric vehicles in the Indian market by banning small capacity petrol engines from the two-wheelers. Rajiv Bajaj, chief of Bajaj Auto has spoken his mind in an interview with CNBC-TV18 on the introduction of the EVs in India.

Mr Bajaj has said that he does not like incentives at all and one should not get “seduced” by the incentives. He said that no one should depend on the incentives as they can be removed as easily as they have been introduced in the market by the government. He also said that everyone in this business should not get excited because of the introduction of these incentives.

In the interview, he further appreciated the FAME benefits and has said that the government has introduced their best proposal ahead. He also said that the government is taking every step to make the EVs more successful in India. However, he criticised the government’s proposal to ban the small capacity petrol two-wheelers to promote the EV two-wheelers is not in the right direction. He said that to promote one thing, the government does not need to bury another thing, which is going well for the market.

Mr Bajaj also said that the industry is not “chai ka stall” and banning the regular vehicles to promote the EVs suddenly is something that the market will not like at all. He quoted that the ministry is overestimating what the industry can achieve in next 1 year and underestimating the things that they can achieve in the next ten years. This is why the govt is pushing for the EVs.

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On being asked about EVs and when Bajaj will introduce them in the market, Rajiv Bajaj said that they will introduce them but did not give a timeline. It should be noted that the Indian government has proposed to ban all the two-wheelers up to 125cc in the future to promote the EVs in the market. It is not known if the government will take the step but it has already received strong opposition from the manufacturer. EVs have a long way to go on the Indian market and the infrastructure to charge the EVs on the go is still missing. However, the government is taking steps to set-up new charging centres around the countries and we may get to see charging stations becoming common in the coming years.