Rajiv Bajaj confirms all-new Pulsar range; Reveals launch timeline

The Bajaj Pulsar has been around since 2001. The promise of performance at an affordable price tag has helped it gain a massive following among Indian customers. However, the current line-up hasn’t been refreshed in a bit, but there is good news around the corner as Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, has revealed when the all-new Pulsar line-up will be launched.

Rajiv Bajaj confirms all-new Pulsar range; Reveals launch timeline

When asked about the evolution of the Pulsar line-up, Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, told Forbes India, “Though Pulsar has evolved nicely, it’s time for a complete refresh and an all-new Pulsar. I think in 2020 when new emission norms come, that would be a great opportunity to go to market with a product that is not only much greener but also in a new avatar. We are working on that. In 2020, we should have an all-new range of Pulsars and Avengers.”

Rajiv Bajaj’s comments confirm earlier reports that India’s second largest motorcycle manufacturer was going to refresh its Pulsar performance line-up to meet new emission and safety norms. The new Pulsar line-up will feature new 4-valve, fuel injected engines to meet BS-VI emission norms that go into effect in 2020. The new Pulsar line-up is expected to get more powerful and refined thanks to the upgraded engines.

Rajiv Bajaj also confirmed that the new Pulsar line-up would stick between 150-220cc, nixing any notions of the Pulsar name heading into the commuter segment. Speaking to Forbes India, Rajiv Bajaj stated, “The Pulsar is 150cc to 220cc now. We had a 135cc in the past, we don’t do it anymore. People might say that if the Kawasaki can sell the Ninja 150 and Ninja 1200, then why we can’t? If Mercedes can sell an A class and S class, so can we. We can. But the problem is that it has to be a Pulsar. Similarly, people would love to have a 125cc Pulsar, but for us, it won’t be very attractive. So we must create different brands in that space. What’s next for Pulsar, I can say that it is very well set now.”

Bajaj sticking to its guns for the Pulsar will ensure that the brand’s ideals of performance motorcycles will no longer be diluted. Rajiv Bajaj’s comments also mean the Pulsar 135 LS will be removed from the Pulsar line-up when the new bikes arrive in 2020, which would make buying into the Pulsar brand more pricey than before. And with prices expected to rise to help automakers offset costs of upgrading to new safety and emission standards, expect the new Pulsar line-up to get a hefty upgrade in terms of price when it arrives in 2020.