Rajiv Bajaj confirms the next-generation Avenger: Reveals launch timeline

The Bajaj Avenger can be termed as a revolutionary motorcycle in the Indian market. The most affordable cruiser bike in the Indian market has been around since 2005 and has a large fanbase. Bajaj first launched the bike way back in 2005 and since then the Avenger has grown a lot. The last major update came in 2015 when Bajaj introduced Street and Cruise variants of the motorcycle. Rajiv Bajaj, the bossman of Bajaj Auto Limited, has revealed that the company is currently working on the next-generation Avenger and it will be launched alongside the next-gen Pulsar in 2020.

Rajiv Bajaj confirms the next-generation Avenger: Reveals launch timeline

The next-generation Avenger is expected to get expansive changes including a new engine. As the BS VI emission norms will be in place from 2020 in India, manufacturers are expected to upgrade their current range of products to meet the new standard. We can also expect standard safety equipment like ABS, which will become mandatory in India in 2019 for motorcycles above 125cc.

Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, told Forbes India, 

 Though Pulsar has evolved nicely, it’s time for a complete refresh and an all-new Pulsar. I think in 2020 when new emission norms come, that would be a great opportunity to go to market with a product that is not only much greener but also in a new avatar. We are working on that. In 2020, we should have an all-new range of Pulsars and Avengers.

The exact updates are not known but the Avenger has grown over time and the all-new model is expected to be thoroughly updated with new looks and features. However, high-end features like a fully digital console are unlikely to be offered on the next-generation model as such features would increase the price and the Avenger would lose its value-for-money tag.

Rajiv Bajaj also revealed that the Pulsar brand will continue to operate between the 150-220cc segment, which indicates that the Avenger will also continue to come with a similarly displaced engine. This eliminates the prospect of a high-displacement Avenger in the near future.

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