SUPER-rich & famous people like Rajnikanth & Aamir Khan use the Toyota Innova: 5 reasons!


Toyota Innova is known for a lot of reasons in the Indian market and it has been around for a long time too. Even though the price of the Innova has increased by quite a lot over the years, it remains a high selling product and there is an extremely high demand for the car in the market. Even a number of celebrities who own exotics cars own the Toyota Innova and use it regularly. Well, what do you think makes them do that? Here are five reasons that we think make the celebrities buy the Toyota Innova!

Bulletproof reliability

There are several Toyota Innova cars that have done lakhs of kilometers and yet they do not show any signs of aging. The Toyota Innova remains a highly reliable product, especially because of the highly reliable mechanicals. Apart from the build quality of the Innova that keeps it going for years, it is the D4D diesel engine. The world-renowned D4D diesel engine can do lakhs of kilometers without much of a problem, which is why it has a minimum amount of downtime when it comes to repairs. This is what makes the Innova so popular among the taxi-hailers, where the car needs to be on the road, up and running all the time. For celebrities, it just means a highly reliable vehicle that they can trust when their other vehicles are in the garage for maintenance.

Actress Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is one of the many celebrities who own a Toyota Innova Crysta apart from many luxury cars including a Land Rover Range Rover. Malaika uses the car quite often and she has been spotted using the car herself too. She owns the top-end petrol-automatic variant of the car, which is hyper smooth and as reliable.

Highly comfortable

The Toyota Innova’s ladder-frame construction with a comfortable suspension. The frame and the suspension work together to ensure that almost all the bumps and undulations on the road. The Innova is extremely comfortable even on the bad roads, which makes it the preferred choice to go on long journeys. This is why the Innova is so popular in the market, especially on long-distance journeys.

Amir Khan, who also owns a Toyota Fortuner was the brand ambassador for the Toyota Innova and appeared in several advertisements of the car. He also owns the older Innova and has been spotted in the car on multiple occasions.

After-sales service

Toyota has a wide service network throughout India and there are multiple packages offered by the brand that allows the owner to maintain it at minimal costs for years. This ensures that the ownership cost of the vehicle is very affordable. The Innova also makes for a great resale value, which means that even after using it for a few years, the price of the vehicle does not depreciate much.

Jackie Shroff, who owns cars like Bentley uses the Innova as his daily driving vehicle. He himself drives the car and has been spotted with the vehicle on the roads.

Easy to get in and out

The Toyota Innova offers great ergonomics. Larger doors and high seating ensures that one does not have to bend too much to get in and out of the vehicle. This is what makes the car very popular among aged customers too.

Rajnikanth, who owns several high-end vehicles is a car lover. He also prefers driving around in an Innova whenever arriving at events.

A premium feel

The Toyota Innova in its current form has become quite luxurious and premium. The Innova Crysta, which was launched a few years back offers LED projector headlamps, ambient lighting, rear AC digital display, leather seats, wooden inserts on the dashboard, and more such features that make it desirable and a choice of many private car owners too.

Bollywood’s bad boy Gulshan Grover also owns the Toyota Innova and he prefers it over the luxury vehicles. It is cost-effective, reliable, and highly comfortable!