Rakhi Sawant hangs out of the sunroof: Cops stop to enquire, and drive away

The interactions between Bollywood celebrities and paparazzi have become the latest trend in tinsel town. While some personalities intentionally invite photographers to capture their every move and stay in the limelight, others are caught by chance through the lenses of these photographers. One such personality who is a regular favorite of the paparazzi is Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant, known for her eccentric antics to garner media attention. However, one of her recent actions nearly landed her in trouble.

In a recent media encounter, Rakhi Sawant was spotted posing for photographers in the middle of a busy road in Mumbai. A video circulating on the internet shows Rakhi popping out of the sunroof of her BMW 5-Series and striking poses for the photographers. However, her actions quickly drew the attention of a patrolling Mumbai Police car, which arrived at the scene to question the actress about her behavior.

Upon being approached by the Mumbai Police team, Rakhi Sawant stepped out of her car and explained to the officers that she was simply posing for the paparazzi who had come to take her pictures. Addressing the officers as “fans,” Rakhi assured them that these people were like family. She engaged in conversation with both the police officers and the team of photographers present at the scene. After a brief interaction, the Mumbai Police team departed, allowing Rakhi Sawant to continue posing for the photographers.

Do not use sunroof

Rakhi Sawant hangs out of the sunroof: Cops stop to enquire, and drive away

In recent times, many people have been following the trend of popping out of the sunroof and enjoying the feeling of the breeze while the car is in motion. Some individuals engage in such antics to showcase their luxurious cars and attract attention from those around them. As a result, the popularity of cars with sunroofs has soared, with many people considering it a preferred feature when buying a new car.

However, despite the excitement and thrill it may provide, it is essential to note that hanging out of a sunroof while a vehicle is in motion is extremely dangerous and illegal. Such actions can lead to severe injuries if the driver suddenly applies brakes or makes a quick turn. In unforeseen circumstances, individuals may even risk falling out of the vehicle while hanging out of the sunroof.

Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize safety and refrain from engaging in such hazardous activities. Enjoying the fresh air and breeze can be done safely by keeping all body parts inside the vehicle and ensuring compliance with traffic laws.

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