Rakhi Sawant’s new car is a 14 year-old BMW X6 that was gifted to her as song payment [Video]

rakhi sawant bmw x6 featured

Celebrities and expensive cars are a combo that everyone likes to watch on the internet. There are endless videos available online where actors and directors are seen with their expensive cars. While some of them buy them as a part of their lifestyle, there are other celebrities who are enthusiasts. We have featured several celebrity videos on our website in the past. While most of them opt for brand-new vehicles, there are others who look for used luxury cars that are much more accessible and inexpensive when compared to new ones. Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant recently got a 14-year-old BMW X6 SUV. The SUV was gifted to her as payment for a song.

The video has been uploaded by TV Masala on their YouTube channel. The video starts by showing a white-colored BMW X6 luxury SUV. The white SUV is currently registered in Delhi. We checked the registration online and found that the car is 14 years old, and an NOC has been registered from Delhi to Karnataka, probably for a change of ownership. Photographers and vloggers have gathered around the car. The rear seat door of the SUV opens, and Rakhi Sawant steps out.

She speaks to the photographers and talks to them about the new car as well. She poses for pictures and videos with the car before walking into the building. The BMW X6 seen here is originally registered in Delhi. It is not a brand-new car, as many of you may have already noticed. According to reports, the car was gifted to Rakhi as payment for her work. The car seen here is a diesel BMW X6 SUV.

Rakhi Sawant’s new car is a 14 year-old BMW X6 that was gifted to her as song payment [Video]
Rakhi Sawant’s BMW X6

The BMW X6 was one of those SUVs that came with a very unique design. It was probably the only SUV in its time to have a coupe-like sloping roof. It is a huge SUV and had several fans for its design. Coming to the engine specs, it was available with a 3.0-liter diesel engine that generated around 232 Bhp. It came with the BMW xDrive system. It was a luxury SUV, and in 2009, the price of the diesel version of this SUV was around Rs 76.68 lakh, ex-showroom. Due to new emission rules and the 10-year rule for diesel vehicles in the Delhi NCR region, luxury cars like these are often sold at a very affordable price.

The person who gifted the BMW X6 might have bought it for a very affordable price. We have seen examples where a well-maintained luxury car is often sold at a price that is less than half of its original price. In this case, we are not sure when the person bought this car. If it is a recently purchased car, then the owner would have paid a very small amount. The BMW X6 comes with several features like electronic seats, leather upholstery, multi-zone climate control, a company-fitted infotainment system, memory seats, and so on. The video does not show what the interior of Rakhi’s car looks like. It is quite possible that the actress might have redone the upholstery to make it look premium. We won’t be surprised if she adds new features to it.