Ram Gopal Verma shares video of him triple riding on a Royal Enfield: BUSTED!

Popular filmmaker – Ram Gopal Varma or RGV is a well-known name in the industry. He recently shared a video of him triple-riding on a Royal Enfield Classic bike in Hyderabad. The traffic police noticed the tweet and issued a fine!

Ram Gopal Varma shared a video, which was shot by another motorist on the road. The video shared by him on Twitter shows him and Ajay Bhupati riding pillion on the Royal Enfield Classic. Another director – Agsthya was riding the bike through the busy streets of Hyderabad. Reportedly, all three of them reached a theatre in Moosapet to watch a new Telugu movie – iSmart Shankar.

The filmmaker said – “Where is the police? I think they are all inside the theatre watching #iSmartShankar” while sharing the video of himself triple riding on the roads of Hyderabad. Even though RGV did not tag the police, the official account of the Cyberabad Traffic Police noticed the video and replied “Thanks RGV for reporting Traffic Violations. We expect the same responsibility in actually following the Traffic rules yourself. By the way, why only theatres?, Traffic Police see a lot of drama, circus like below on roads every minute”.


The police issued a fine of Rs 1,335. The fine was issued to B. Dilip Kumar, in whose name the vehicle is registered. It is not known who is the owner of the vehicle. RGV quoted the tweet by Cyberabad Police and said “I love you and I want to kiss you non stop for 39 days for the fantastic work you are doing. If I had the second daughter I would have requested you to be my son-in-law”.

It is not known who will pay the fine issued by the traffic police as the owner of the vehicle was not riding at the time. E-Challans are issued to the vehicle owner and not the person who is driving due to many restrictions. This is why it is always adviced that one should transfer the name on the Registration Certificate after selling the vehicle. In the past, there have been a few cases where the previous owner of the vehicle continued getting challans because they did not officially transfer the vehicle to the new owner.

One should always keep on checking for the fines and challans on the official traffic pages. These fines keep on accumulating and over time, the fine amount can become huge. In the past, people have paid thousands of rupees, sometimes more than the price of the vehicle as fines. In case, the fine is not paid, the vehicle gets seized by the police to recover the money. Even though it is illegal in India, triple-riding on a two-wheeler is illegal and can be extremely dangerous on the public roads.