A Glimpse Into Ranbir Kapoor’s Exotic Car Garage…

Snapshot – Ranbir Kapoor may not have a ship load of cars but this Bollywood actor – widely considered to be a bankable A-Lister in the likes of the 3 Khans – more than makes up with his tasteful yet unusual everyday drive collection, which includes a couple of exotics that are unusual in the movie star circuit. Let’s walk through Ranbir Kapoor’s eclectic car garage. Shall we?

Audi R8

Ranbir Kapoor in his Audi R8

Practical is the middle name of the Audi R8, if a supercar can ever be labeled thus. Known for his escapades, of the four wheeled kind, in the middle of the sundown hours, Ranbir Kapoor has been spotted multiple times behind the wheel of his Audi R8 supercar, reveling in the rush that comes with a speedy car and an empty street.

2013 Audi R8 Supercar 5

The Audi R8 that this Bollywood A-Lister owns is the first generation model that uses an 8 cylinder, naturally aspirated V8 petrol motor putting out 430 Bhp-430 Nm. The car is capable of cutting wind at 300 Kph, while the 0-100 Kph sprint comes up in a blistering 4.3 seconds. The latest, second generation Audi R8 will soon go on sale in India.

Range Rover Sport

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in a Range Rover Sport Luxury SUV

The Range Rover Sport is an English-made SUV that combines luxury and go-anywhere ability. One of the fastest SUVs of its time, the Range Rover Sport’s top spec variant used a large, 5 liter V8 petrol motor with a supercharger sitting atop it. 510 Bhp of peak power and 625 Nm of peak torque. Performance with such figures on tap always promised to be scintillating.

2010 Range Rover Sport Luxury SUV 6

Living up to the promise, the Range Rover Sport hurtles to 100 Kph from standstill in just 6 seconds, while top speed is electronically limited to 250 Kph. With air suspension featuring adaptive damping, a Terrain Response system that does the off-road thinking for you and a hefty, 226 mm ground clearance, the Range Rover Sport has off road trails covered too. CarToq takes the 2014 Range Rover Sport on a 4,000 Km road trip

Audi A8 L W12

Ranbir Kapoor with his Audi A8 Luxury Saloon

A luxury barge out and out, the Audi A8 L is Ranbir Kapoor’s chosen drive when he feels like getting chauffeured around. The car owned by the actor is the top-of-the-line W12 model that features a 6.3 liter W12, naturally aspirated petrol motor. This motor features direct injection, and makes copious power and torque – 500 Bhp and 625 Nm for the record.

2011 Audi A8 L W12 Luxury Saloon 2

An automatic transmission and an all wheel drive layout endows this luxobarge with sportscar-like performance. 0-100 Kph is dispatched in under 5 seconds while top speed is electronically limited to 250 Kph. India’s Transporter car? You decide. The facelifted Audi A8 L is now in India.

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Ranbir Kapoor with his Mercedes Benz G-Class G63 AMG SUV

The uninitiated may mistake the Mercedes Benz G-Class G63 AMG for a Mahindra Bolero on steroids. For those in the know though, this vehicle represents off-road royalty. An unconventional choice of wheels among Bollywood actors, the G63 AMG that Ranbir Kapoor has been spotted driving on numerous occasions is on sale in India.

2013 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG SUV 4


This SUV features a 5.5 liter V8 turbocharged petrol engine that makes 544 Bhp of peak power and 760 Nm of peak torque, enough to plod through pretty much anything. The G63 AMG is a hard core off roader with an arsenal to back its butch looks and purposeful stance. For those chasing numbers, 0-100 Kph in 5.3 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 210 Kph are two figures you’d be interested in.