Randeep Hooda’s new car is a rare Willys Jeep

Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, who has always been known for choosing unconventional roles in his acting career. Now, it seems that his choice for a set of wheels is unique too. While other Bollywood celebrities are on a buying spree of getting exotic and luxury SUVs like Mercedes Maybach GLS and Lamborghini Urus, Randeep Hooda has gone the old-school way of adding a bare-bones vintage 4×4 Willys Jeep to his garage.

The actor was recently spotted driving his latest drive to one of his shooting locations in Moga, Punjab. The open-top Willys Jeep bought by him is a nicely restored unit, which is in its original paint shade of camel beige.

This Willys Jeep has been restored to its original condition and gets several highlights like traditional war decals, additional lights mounted and pulling rope mounted on the front bumper, narrow and knobby off-road tyres, shovel and axe placed on the side body and refurbished gauges and seat covers.

Childhood dream

Randeep Hooda’s new car is a rare Willys Jeep

While talking about his latest acquisition, Randeep Hooda said that it was his childhood dream of owning a Willys Jeep – something which he has been nurturing for the last 30 years. His dream of owning a Willys Jeep was born when he used to play with scale models of military vehicles in his childhood.

The factors which attracted him towards owning a Willys Jeep are the simplicity, minimalism and durability of it, which do make it an even more pristine thing to look after in a long run.

He also described his first long drive in the newly acquired Willys Jeep, the purpose of which was to bring it back from one of his shooting locations in Moga, Punjab. He said that the wind-in-the-hair experience of driving a Willys Jeep is truly a special experience for him. In the first long drive, he drove it for a good 120 km.

Randeep Hooda’s new car is a rare Willys Jeep

Randeep added that what makes this acquisition of Willys Jeep even more special for him is that no one in his family or friends has ever owned one. While he rightfully believes that this 4×4 vehicle is not too comfortable for extended durations in long-distance journeys, he will be using this Jeep for short weekend getaways like jungle trips. Apart from this ‘new’ Willys Jeep, Randeep Hooda is also an owner of a Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV. He is also well-known for his love for horses and also owns a stable for them.

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