Range Rover Evoque SUV gets stuck on a beach: Rescued by locals

Land Rover is a brand that is known for manufacturing utlity vehicles. We have seen several videos of Land Rover Range Rover SUVs handling off-rad terrains with ease. They recently brought back their legendary SUV Defender in the market. The SUV is available on sale in India as well. entry level luxury SUV from Land Rover is Range Rover Evoque. It is a very commonly spotted SUV on our roads for obvious reason. It is a compact SUV that has enough capabilities to handle off-road terrains but, it is not always about the machine and that is what the video that we have here in this article shows.

The video has been uploaded by Irfan’s view on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger takes his Range Rover Evoque on a beach for the first time. He mentions that he has never driven off-road or on such surface. He with some guidance from his friend start driving on sand. When the video starts, the SUV was already parked on sand which is actually a risky thing to do. The vlogger starts the vehicle and then accelerates. The wheels start spinning and then suddenly he stops putting too much pressure of the pedal and starts accelerating gently. The SUV was being driven in the sand mode.

The SUV starts moving forward slowly without getting stuck and the vlogger makes to the road. The Vlogger mentions that he was a bit worried when the car started to stuck but, he soon gained confidence when it slowly started moving forward. After couple of days, they again try driving on a beach but, this time around the vehicle was stuck badly.

Range Rover Evoque SUV gets stuck on a beach: Rescued by locals

The vlogger once again drove on sand and he stopped the vehicle on sand but, this time around when he tried moving the vehicle, the SUV got stuck in the loose sand. The more he tried to bring the car out, the more it got stuck. The vlogger and  his friend then bring a stone to put in front of the wheel so that it gains some traction and pulls it out of the sand. All those efforts were in vain. They then decrease the tyre pressure so increase the surface area. After several trials, they get help from locals.

The guy comes with several wooden planks and asks them to remove sand around the wheels. He then places the planks in front of the wheels and the asks the vlogger to drive it over the planks. After several hours, the Range Rover Evoque finally got free and the vlogger drove it towards road without stopping anywhere. In the video, vlogger mentions that he is not an expert driver and it was not vehicle’s but, his fault why it got stuck in the sand.

Locals mention that, many others have also got their SUVs stuck in sand in the past. This is why it is always recommended to go in groups while off-roading. If he had a backup vehicle with him, it could have easily pulled Evoque out from the sand. The vlogger was also not carrying things like showel, tow rope that would help him recover if the SUV gets stuck. One of the major reasons why it got stuck at the first place was because, he stopped vehicle on sand. It is never recommended as the sand on beaches are quite loose and SUVs slowly dig themselves in on such surfaces due to their weight.

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