‘Range Rover’ Hyundai Creta: An in-depth look at the modified SUV on video

Hyundai Creta, which was launched earlier this year has already become one of the best-selling cars in the market. Hyundai has delivered thousands of Creta models. Owners who want to make their Creta look different from the rest of the cars. Well, here is a video of a Hyundai Creta that has been modified to look like a Range Rover.

The Hyundai Creta in the video is originally a base model. It has been a lot of accessories and features. However, the end product looks nothing like a Land Rover Range Rover. To start with, this Hyundai Creta gets a dark grey matt wrap that makes it look very different from the stock version of the car. The Hyundai Creta does not offer such a colour in its stock form.

At the front, the owner has changed the stock grille to an aftermarket grille inspired by the Range Rover. The fog lamps have been updated to an aftermarket LED units while the headlamps seem to be in stock form. It also gets a camera in front that is likely to be the part of the 360-degree view camera set-up.

On the side, it gets bigger alloy wheels that are of 18-inches and there is Land Rover logo on the centre of the wheels. Also, the disc brake callipers have been painted red in colour. The windscreen gets a multi-colour vinyl tint that adds a premium look to the car. There are more Land Rover badging on the side while a fake intake grille has been added too. The ORVMs get a gloss black colour and the car also gets a sunroof. It should be noted that the top-end Creta offers panoramic sunroof. This is just a regular sunroof.

At the rear, here is a Rover moniker along with Sport Edition. The brake lamps have been wrapped too. There is additional high-stop lamp and fog lamp installed in the rear too. The steering wheel gets a Land Rover badge. The dashboard has been updated completely with leather wrap complete with stitching and there is a limited-edition badging on it too. The infotainment system has been installed too and it looks quite big in size. The seats now get diamond-stitched leather seats and here is a rear infotainment system with individual screens.

It should be noted that such modifications are not illegal but it sure looks like a wannabe car that just wants to look like a Land Rover Range Rover. The price for this modification job is not known but given the number of aftermarket accessories, it should cost more than one lakh at least.