Mumbai police TROLLS Ranveer Singh for Gully Boy trailer: Here's why!

Mumbai police TROLLS Ranveer Singh for Gully Boy trailer: Here’s why!

Mumbai Police often posts quirky messages on Twitter to promote the traffic rules and warn motorists to not break the laws. Yet again, Mumbai Police has posted a message on Twitter by taking a screenshot from the trailer of an upcoming movie “Gully Boy”.

The picture is captioned as “When he argues to ride a motorcycle without wearing helmet #SillyBoy” and Alia’s reply is mentioned below as “Mar Jayega Tu”. The shot has been taken from the trailer of the movie where Ranveer Singh is a leading actor and plays the role of a boy who aspires to become a rapper in life. Ranveer Singh has been shown rapping in the trailer and Mumbai Police trolls the actor by giving in the message in rap style caption.

Mumbai Traffic Police is one of the most active police departments in India. Their tweets have become viral in the past and people have applauded them for their creativity. In the past, Mumbai Traffic Police has tweeted about various actors and actresses in a bid to spread road awareness. The police have also issued fines and have asked celebrities to follow the traffic rules through the Twitter account.

Most of the general public follow the celebrities and their way of life. When the city police directly ask the celebrities to follow the rules and issue fines to them, the public feels that it is their responsibility to follow the traffic rules too and everyone is being treated fairly. Celebrities like Varun Dhawan and Kunal Khemu have been fined online by Mumbai Police after their pictures were uploaded by the Twitter users. Varun Dhawan was fined for clicking a selfie on the road with a fellow motorist while Kunal Khemu was fined for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike. Mumbai Police has also used other celebrities in the past to warn the motorists.

Following the Mumbai Traffic Police twitter, many other state cops have come up with similar creative ideas to warn motorists. With the rising number of accidents on the Indian roads, it is important for people to strictly follow the traffic rules. The Indian roads see one of the largest numbers of accidents every year. Most of these accidents turn fatal. While the Indian government has taken a lot of steps to ensure that the cars become safer in the future, the ultimate safety can only be achieved when the traffic rules are strictly followed.

Over the past few months, there have been protests against the enforcement of helmet rule in Pune, one of India’s cities with the maximum two wheeler population. Navi Mumbai also joined the protest last week with a prominent politician MP Lodha becoming a part of a road show that asked for the helmet rule to be revoked for shorter rides in the city. However, it’s important to note that a fall even at 20 Kph can cause serious head injuries, and it’s to Mumbai police’s credit that they’re constantly pushing people to wear helmets.

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