Ranveer Singh reaches airport driving his Lamborghini Urus (Video)

Bollywood celebrities are often seen arriving at the airport in luxurious, swanky cars. However, Ranveer Singh stands out as he regularly drives himself to the airport in his collection of exotic vehicles, including the Aston Martin and his latest addition, the Lamborghini Urus.

On this occasion, Ranveer arrived at the airport in his special edition Urus, making a grand entrance. We assume that his home staff or driver picked up the Lamborghini from the airport lane, as parking the car there is illegal, even for a celebrity.

Ranveer Singh recently splurged on the Lamborghini Urus Pearl Edition, which comes with a hefty price tag of Rs 3.15 crore, making it about 20% more expensive than the standard Urus model. For his Urus, Ranveer chose the striking Arancio Borealis shade, also known as the Candy Orange shade. The Pearl Capsule edition also offers other eye-catching color options such as red, orange, and lime green.

Apart from the exclusive color, the Urus Pearl Capsule Edition features several visual upgrades, including a glossy black finish on the bumper, body skirts, ORVMs, wheel cladding, and roof. Additionally, the quad exhaust tips now boast a brushed silver texture, replacing the matte black ones found on the standard version.

Adding to its allure, the Pearl Capsule Edition rides on massive 22-inch wheels, complemented by body-colored brake calipers. In comparison, the standard version comes with 21-inch alloy wheels. While the exterior gets an upgrade, we are left wondering if Ranveer has customized the interior of the SUV as well.

Ranveer drives to airport in his Aston Martin as well

In a video from 2019, we see Ranveer Singh arriving at the Mumbai airport in his beloved white Aston Martin Rapide S. The Bollywood star frequently drives this sports car around the city and chose it for his journey to the airport. As he reaches the departure gate, photojournalists quickly swarm his car to capture pictures.

Ranveer’s security guards repeatedly ask the journalists to step away from the car while he waits inside. Eventually, he emerges from the car and starts waving, which draws the journalists closer to the Aston again. However, after a moment, Ranveer points to the car and politely requests in Hindi, “Thoda piche hojao, bohot mehengi gaadi hai” (Please step back a bit, it’s a very expensive car). Responding to Ranveer’s call, the journalists step away, leaving the Aston Martin Rapide S alone.

The Aston Martin Rapide S commands a hefty price tag of Rs 3.9 crore, ex-showroom, making it one of the most expensive officially available vehicles in the Indian market.

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