Ranveer Singh wraps his Aston Martin sportscar in electric Blue: Spotted at the airport [Video]

Ranveer Singh is one of the leading actors in Bollywood and is known for his roles and his fashion sense which is often considered unconventional. Like many other celebrities in the industry, Ranveer Singh also has a good collection of car. He is an automobile enthusiast and just like his fashion sense, the quirkiness reflects in his cars as well. Most of the time, the actor himself is seen behind the wheels. One of the cars that the actor has in his garage is an Aston Martin Rapide S sports car. The original colour of the car was white and the actor wrapped the same in electric blue shade. He was spotted with the same at the airport in Mumbai.

The video has been uploaded by Cars For You on their YouTube channel. In this video the actor is seen coming out of the airport. The car was parked outside the airport and the driver was right next to it. Ranveer Singh walks out of the exit gate towards the car. Although the name of the YouTube channel is Cars For You, the cameraman is not showing the car properly. The main focus in this video is the actor itself.

The actor walks to the car, The Aston Martin Rapide S wrapped in electric blue shade looks different from anything else on the road. The actor poses for photographs with the car and once he was done with that, he sits in and drives the car away. Aston Martin Rapide S is a brilliant car. Like other Aston Martin cars, Rapide S also has a beautiful design. The wrap on the car looks matte and in the video, the original colour of the Aston Martin can be seen on the inner portion of the door.

Ranveer Singh wraps his Aston Martin sportscar in electric Blue: Spotted at the airport [Video]

Aston Martin Rapide S is an expensive Grand Touring vehicle. The 4 door GT car costs around Rs 3.9 crore, ex-showroom. As heard in the video, the car has a very sporty exhaust note. It is produced by a 6.0 litre V12 petrol engine that generates a maximum of 552 bhp and 620 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and has a top speed of 327 kmph. It can do 0-100 kmph in just 4.2 seconds. As mentioned above, Ranveer Singh is an automobile enthusiast and has good collection of luxury and performance cars in his garage.

Other than the Aston Martin Rapide S, the actor has cars like Mercedes-Maybach S500, Mercedes-Maybach GLS600, Mercedes-Benz GLS and many more vehicles. He also owns a Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule Edition. The SSUV as Lamborghini calls it is finished in Orange shade. The manufacture calls this shade of Orange Arancio Borealis. the 4.0 litre V8 SUV generates 650 Ps and 850 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to an automatic transmission and the power is sent to all four wheels. Ranveer Singh also owned a Jaguar XJ L luxury sedan which he sold and it had surfaced in the used car market for sale recently. His wife and actress Deepika Padukone also bought a GLS600 SUV recently.

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