Ranvijay Singh shares experience of Mahindra Mojo during Mountain Trail

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Mahindra recently concluded the “Mountain Trail” with 28 riders. The participants covered a total of 2,700 km and went through rough terrain of Ladakh. Ranvijay Singh also joined the group from Chandigarh for the journey. Avid motorcyclist, Ranvijay shares his experience on the Mojo and the Mountain Trail.


1. Mountain Trail is a new concept done by an Indian manufacturer. How do you feel about the concept?
I really liked the concept because during the ride no one even discussed the technical specifications of the bike. This is the first time, we are even discussing it. During the journey, it was about the experience. It was all about bonding and brotherhood within the Mojo Tribe. There was an amazing sense of belonging within the entire group.


2. Do you see motorcycling culture taking a part in daily life of average Indian person?
I think it is more likely that an average Indian will become a motorcycle rider than say getting into sports. It is a bigger possibility because our country is beautiful and we have lot of bikes and two wheelers in the country. Further, the roads are getting better and there is more awareness about trips. The younger generation loves adventure and travel. I feel there is no better way to travel than being on a bike.

3. What do you think can be done to promote safety among Indian motorcyclists?
There is a certain kind of preparation that you must do. You must wear the right gear. All the Mojo Tribe members were wearing the right kind of jackets, guards, helmets and gloves. You need to prepare for the terrain. Since we were going on high altitude, we made sure all riders were carrying sufficient water. If you are going to sunny areas, you carry along sun screen and check the tyre pressure. Make sure, you know the route, where to stop and where not to stop. Youngsters should always wear the right gear. If one observes certain rules and regulations, then they will always be riding without any accidents.


4. Mahindra Mojo has been a very futuristic motorcycle, what do you like the most about this motorcycle?
I was pleasantly surprised by the Mahindra Mojo. I liked the fact that the tank can be hugged by my legs. It is not a skinny tank wherein one has to actually go inwards. This is one of the best touring bikes that I have ridden because the riding posture is perfect. At high speeds, another bike would vibrate but this bike is extremely stable. I was worried about when the slush, gravel and bad roads started but that’s when I really loved the suspension.


5. What was the one best moment with the Mojo that you will take with you from this trail?
The brotherhood and camaraderie of the Tribe was special because of the experience. The journey and the experience are much more important to me rather than reaching the destination because you will reach the destination and that’s what the core of the Mojo Tribe.