KTM Rider Overtakes Stupidly: Crashes, And Makes Royal Enfield Rider Crash Too

KTM rider dangerous crash with Jawa rider

The spirited bike-riding culture of India has been increasing at a rapid pace, and just like its prevalence, the riders participating in it also ride at a very rapid pace. Now, most of the time these rides go well. However, on some occasions, due to someone’s stupidity, dangerous accidents take place. Recently, showing one such accident of a KTM rider crashing with a Jawa rider has been shared online.

This video comes courtesy of Balance on Wheels from YouTube. It starts off as a normal vlog where the host and his biker friends begin their ride on the curvy mountain roads. The video shows these riders performing stunts on public roads, overspeeding, and doing all sorts of dangerous activities. However, this then leads to a dangerous accident.

KTM RC Rider Crashes into a Jawa

In the video, the riders were seen leaning their bikes on every turn of the mountain road. However, at one turn, a very heart-wrenching accident takes place. What happens in this particular turn is that three bikes were seen making a turn while leaning.

KTM Rider Overtakes Stupidly: Crashes, And Makes Royal Enfield Rider Crash Too

The first bike, which was ahead, was a Jawa 42. It was then followed by a Yamaha MT-15 Naked Streetfighter. And the third bike was the KTM RC of the vlogger who recorded this footage via his GoPro mounted on his helmet. The video shows that when these three bikes were about to make a right turn while leaning on the ground.

A fourth bike, which was a different KTM RC sports bike, comes and crashes with the Jawa rider. Thankfully, the Yamaha MT-15 rider and the vlogger himself managed to avoid this collision. However, the video shows how brutally the KTM RC rider was involved in the accident.

What happened?

It can be noted that the stupid KTM rider came to the corner while leaning on the right to make the turn. However, as he was carrying a lot more speed than he could control, he collided with the rear end of the Jawa in front. The Jawa rider, on the other hand, did a near-perfect maneuver on the turn.


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It was then noted that the KTM rider, after the crash, was thrown out of the bike and crashed into the divider of the road. His bike, on the other hand, got dragged on the same divider for a while before stopping.

Following this, the video then shows that the Jawa rider, despite getting hit in the rear, managed to control the bike. However, as it was a turn which got progressively more angled, his bike also hit the divider. At this point, he could not control his bike and eventually fell on the road.

How were the KTM and Jawa riders after the accident?

Thankfully, despite hitting the divider directly with his head, the KTM rider managed to escape the accident with a few injuries only. Had the rider not been wearing a full-face helmet, it could have resulted in an extreme amount of injury. The video shows that he was quickly rescued and was made to sit on the side of the road.

KTM Rider Overtakes Stupidly: Crashes, And Makes Royal Enfield Rider Crash Too

Following this, they took him to the hospital. As for the Jawa rider, at the time of falling, he managed to slow down his bike a little bit. So, he avoided a lot of injuries, and because of this, the biker was able to quickly stand and go to check on the KTM rider. His bike only suffered a broken leg guard. However, the KTM RC’s windscreen was broken along with a few other parts.