Rare abandoned luxury cars & SUVs of India: Range Rover to Mercedes Benz S-Class

The population of luxury cars in India started rising a few years back with the arrival of exotic brands in India. With time, many of these cars are abandoned due to various reasons like mounting cost of maintenance or rather just moving on to a new car. No automobile should be treated in this way. Well, we have found a few luxury cars and SUVs that have been abandoned by the owners to rot under the sun. Warning: Heart pain may occur after seeing some of these images found on T-BHP.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Even though you are seeing a Lexus grille on this SUV, it is a Land Cruiser. The fact that the owner has installed an aftermarket Lexus grille on this vehicle tells us that the vehicle has been used regularly in the past. However, the vehicle has now been abandoned on a roadside in Borivali West. The black coloured Land Cruiser looks like in a decent condition from the picture but we are not sure how mechanically sound this vehicle is in its current state. The reason for abandoning such a vehicle cannot be justified.

Land Rover Range Rover

This luxurious Range Rover can be seen abandoned by its owners in Maharashtra. The SUV in green colour is the third generation Range Rover, which was discontinued in 2012. Yet there are numerous last-generation Range Rover SUVs that are still in service and in great shape. This is less than 10-year-old model and these vehicles are built to last a lifetime. The air suspension of the vehicle seems to have collapsed and the body is resting on the tyres.

Mercedes-Benz CLS

The Mercedes-Benz CLS is one of the best looking cars ever made by the brand. The flowing, curvy design of the CLS very pleasing to look at. Well, this CLS with collapsed air suspension has been abandoned at a roadside. Repairing the air suspension can be costly but costs much less than the value of the car. We are not sure if there are any other mechanical failures in this vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The S-Class is the top-of-the-line sedan from the German brand that has remained the first choice for many businessmen, high profile post holders and celebrities around the world.  Here is an S350 that has been abandoned by the owner and it is parked on a roadside waiting to rust away slowly. The air suspension has given up and the body can be seen resting on the tyres. Not using the car for many months can also cause this.


The BMW X1 is the most affordable SUV from the brand that you can buy in India. This black coloured X1 has been abandoned by the owner and it is parked with a thick layer of dust and pigeon dropping all over. The owner does not seem to be bothered by the condition of this car at all.