RARE footage of Dhirubhai Ambani’s BMW 750i XL L7 stretched limousine: Video + unseen pictures

Ambanis are the richest family in the country and they also have the most expensive car garage in the country too. As of now there is no clarity on how many cars they actually own. The Antila is not only the residence for the Ambanis but also the expensive cars that the family drives. Just like Reliance industries, the collection of exotic and expensive cars was also started by  Dhirubhai Ambani. He was passionate about cars and one of the favourite cars in his garage was a BMW E38 750i XL L7. Just like the model name, the car itself is very long and here we have a video of the same on the road with Z+ security.

The video has been uploaded by CS 12 VLOGS on their YouTube channel. In this video, the BMW E38 750i XL L7 is seen on the streets of Mumbai with the security vehicle in front and rear. What makes this BMW so special is the fact that only 899 units of this car were ever made in the world. It is not only a rare car in India but around the world. It is probably the only example in India. BMW had specially manufactured this car for South.-East Asia, Europe and Middle Eastern market. It did not do well in terms of sales and it is now a rare car.

The XL in the name of this sedan explains a lot about the length of the car. As seen here in the video, it takes up a lot of space on the road when compared to other cars in the convoy. There are couple of pictures of the same car at a workshop that shows how the car looks from inside. It looks like a well kept vehicle like other cars in Ambanis garage. Coming back to the video, it is not clear who was actually driving the car. The security team with their cars only accompany the family members. So it is probably someone from the family either driving or enjoyig the rear seat comfort while living a nostalgic moment.

BMW E38 750i XL L7

The L7 variant was manufactured by BMW in 1997. As mentioned above, it was targeted for limited markets only. BMW extended the length of the car by about 25cm over the luxurious “iL” variants of the model. It measured 5.37 metres, which is massive. It is even longer than the regular 7-series sedan that we have on sale in India. It was loaded with features like electrically adjustable rear seats, rear footrests, fold-down rear trays, personal rear screens, a fridge, a television screen, a fax machine, privacy window and so on.

The BMW E38 750i XL L7 was powered by a massive 5.4-litre V12 petrol engine. This engine generates 322 Bhp and 490 Nm of peak torque. Although it is a huge car, it could still do 0-100 kmph in just 7 seconds. The top speed of this limousine was limited to 250 Kmph. All the power from the engine is sent to the rear wheels.