Rare Ford 150 pick up truck seen in Mumbai: Owner gives car spotters a ride [Video]

The collection of classic and vintage cars is a hobby for many individuals. In India, there are people who have a passion for expensive and exotic cars. Another category of enthusiasts exists, who appreciate classic or vintage cars. Many of these cars were never officially sold in the country. Popular personalities like MS Dhoni own several vintage and classic cars and motorcycles in his garage. In most cases, people who own such cars rarely take them out on the road. In the following video, the owner of a vintage Ford F150 pickup truck not only drove the truck on the road but also offered car spotters a ride in it.

The video has been uploaded by CS12 Vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger and their friends were on the roads of Mumbai as usual. On weekends, people often take out their expensive and exotic cars for a spin on the road. The vlogger also spots several supercars from brands like Porsche and BMW. They also come across a Toyota Supra, which is extremely rare in India. Later in the video, an even rarer car is showcased.

It’s actually a Ford F150 pickup truck, but not the current generation model usually brought to India via Carnet. This is an older generation model that was likely imported to India decades ago. The video incorrectly labels it as a gen 1 Ford F150 pickup truck; however, based on its design, it appears to be more aligned with the seventh generation Ford F150 pickup truck. Ford currently has the 14th generation of this pickup truck in the market, which is also the most popular pickup truck in the world. Unlike the current versions, this is a single-cab unit, not the dual-cab one. Specific details about the owner of this pickup truck are not available.

Rare Ford 150 pick up truck seen in Mumbai: Owner gives car spotters a ride [Video]
Ford F150 truck in Mumbai

The vehicle is left-hand drive, and the driver stops the SUV next to the car spotters. He invites them to hop onto the back of the truck, and they enthusiastically join. The vlogger also captures his ride in the pickup truck. As mentioned earlier, the pickup truck is a single-cab left-hand drive version with a custom red interior. The truck appears well-maintained both on the outside and inside. Spotting an older generation Ford F150 truck on Indian roads is not an everyday occurrence. While it might be a common sight in Western countries, it’s not the case for us.

The truck is currently registered in Delhi. It retains a stock appearance with a large chrome grille at the front, which spans the entire width of the truck. The headlamps are enclosed within a chrome border, with the turn indicators positioned below. The truck also features a chrome front bumper. Unfortunately, we lack information regarding the truck’s engine. It was available with a 3.8-liter V6 and a 4.8-liter V8 petrol engine. Ford also offered this pickup truck with various diesel engine options in many other countries.