Rare Hindustan Ambassador Avigo sedan in a detailed walkaround video

Hindustan Motors Ambassador is a very important car in the history of India. It is an iconic brand and vehicle that was used by several politicians and government agencies. In 2014 HM stopped the production but, even today there are several examples of well maintained HM Ambassadors in the country. Hindustan Motors had several versions of Ambassador in the market. Many of them are quite rare and are collectible items too. Here we have a video where it shows a well maintained HM Ambassador Avigo sedan.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his YouTube channel. Unlike other Hindustan Ambassador sedans that we have featured on our website in the past, this is fairly a new model. This is actually a 2006 model Hindustan Ambassador Avigo sedan. The sedan is different from the regular versions and was introduced in the market before Ambassador Grand.

The current owner of this sedan was looking for a well kept Avigo as this model is quite rare. The current owner finally came to know about a car which was owner by Kannur district collector and bought it from him. The car was well maintained and was in stock condition. In comparison to regular Ambassador sedan, Avigo had some design elements that made it look different.

Starting from the front, the headlights are different. The headlights have chrome rings around it and are slightly tilted backwards. There is a small ring and the turn indicators are placed inside it. The front grille is the other distinguishing factor. It got a metal grille and there is a plastic or a fiber panel running across the grille.

Rare Hindustan Ambassador Avigo sedan in a detailed walkaround video

Unlike other Ambassador sedans that we have seen in the past, Avigo does not get a metal bumper. It gets plastic bumper with chrome beading. The bumper is similar to what we have seen in Ambassador Grand. Moving to the side profile, the overall design of the car looks the same as older versions but, it now comes with company fitted alloy wheels with HM logo in the center. The current owner only bought this vehicle couple of months ago and he can be heard saying that, he is still trying to source some of the components in the car.

As we move to the rear, there is a chrome beading that flows from the boot and finishes at the tail lamp section. The tail light itself is a clear lens unit. The number plate area has a plastic applique with chrome garnish around it. Even the interiors on this version is different from regular Ambassador. The instrument cluster is placed in the center console and not behind the steering wheel. It came with leather upholstery from factory as it was marketed as a premium product.

HM Avigo seen here is powered by a 1.8 litre Isuzu petrol engine paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The owner mentions that, he is not finding difficulties with the mechanical parts but, the body panels and some minor parts are actually hard to find. What he is actually doing is that, he is buying stocking original parts like headlights, tail lights, wheel caps and all that he can find in the market. Overall, the vlogger drove the car and found out that, the engine felt pretty refined and it offered a comfortable ride.