Beautifully restored Mahindra FJ 460 DX 4×4 pickup truck: Blast from past

Beautifully restored Mahindra FJ 460 DX

Many people are aware of popular SUVs like the Jeep, Thar, and Marshal from Mahindra. However, not many people will know that back in the day, Mahindra also produced a unique pick-up truck. This particular truck was originally launched by Jeep and was named Forward Control. However, in India, it was produced by Mahindra as the FJ 460 DX. These vehicles are now a rarity in India. However, a beautifully restored model resides in Karnataka, and a video of it has been shared online.

This particular Mahindra FJ 460 DX’s restoration has been done by Kam Customs from Mangalore, Karnataka. The video showing this lovely restored pickup truck has been shared on their official YouTube channel. It starts with a commercial of the original Jeep Forward Control.

It mentions that Jeep Forward Control is a new type of 4X4 vehicle created for practical use. The video then goes on to show the fully restored vehicle by Kam Customs. The voiceover in the video highlights the unique features of the Jeep Forward Control, and the video follows that with the visuals of the restored vehicle.

Kam Customs Mahindra FJ 460 DX

Beautifully restored Mahindra FJ 460 DX 4×4 pickup truck: Blast from past

Kam Customs from Karnataka has done an excellent job of restoring this unique and rare pickup truck. The shop has given this truck a brand new candy yellow paint job on the outside. To add to the amazing appearance, they have given it a dual-tone color scheme with white color.

Apart from the paint, it also gets a custom metal front bumper. This bumper appears to be made out of steel tubing. It protects the iconic seven-slat grille of the Jeep vehicles, which is still used by Mahindra and American SUV makers. This particular restored truck also gets custom-made fenders as well.

Moving on to the cab of this Mahindra FJ 460 DX, it still gets the same design. The only thing that has been changed on the inside are the seats. This truck now features new seats and a big armrest in the middle. As for the other more prominent changes on the side profile, the pickup truck gets a set of massive Maxxis Bighorn off-road tires.

These were seen wrapped around in some beautiful-looking aftermarket alloy wheels finished in a lovely shade of white. Additionally, the video mentions that Kam Customs undertook the task of custom-making the entire rear truck bed.

Mahindra FJ 460 DX 4X4 Pickup truck

Beautifully restored Mahindra FJ 460 DX 4×4 pickup truck: Blast from past

For those who may not be aware, the Mahindra FJ 460 DX was more popular in the southern regions of India. This truck particularly came in use within coffee estates and plantations.

The practical design and its 4WD capabilities made it well-suited for navigating steep gradients while transporting heavy loads in the cargo bed. In fact, its popularity was such that it even replaced tractors in certain estates.

This happened because driving tractors on such terrain posed a risk of flipping over on the steep uphill sections. Coming to the powertrain side of things, this particular FJ 460 DX is powered by a 3.3-liter Simpsons diesel engine, coupled with a 4-speed gearbox.

Additionally, a 2-speed transfer box has been installed. To improve its load-carrying capacity, a few modifications were made to the truck’s axles. Originally, this truck came powered by a different engine which was replaced as it was not compliant with emission norms.