Rare Muscle cars on Mumbai roads: Plymouth Barracuda, Ford Mustang & Chevrolet Impala

Muscle cars actually have a really large fan following around the world. Unfortunately, in India we have no car manufacturer who has build one for our market. The only car that is closer to a muscle car in terms of looks is the Hindustan Contessa which many owners across the country have modified. Many modified Contessas in the country have taken inspiration from muscle cars like Ford Mustang. Here we have a video that shows not one but three rare muscle cars that are currently in India.

The video has been uploaded by Horsepower Cartel on their youtube channel. The video just shows a bunch of car enthusiasts who have come out for a Sunday morning drive in their expensive sports cars on Mumbai roads. There is a wide variety of vehicles in the group like Porsche 911 GT3, Nissan GTR, couple of AMGs, BMW M series cars, Jaguars, Lamborghinis and so on. The cars that stood out in this crowd were the three rare muscle cars.

The cars seen in the video above are Chevrolet Impala (red and black), Plymouth Barracuda (orange) and a Ford Mustang Mach 1. The Ford Mustang in this group even more rare because it is the only Mach1 in the country or even South East Asia as per the vlogger. The Mustang is a left hand drive car and comes with a manual gearbox with a big V8 engine. Ford introduced the Mustang to India officially in 2018. The India-spec Ford Mustang, configured with a right hand drive layout, is the only muscle car one can buy in India. Every other muscle car including the Dodge Challenger and the Chevrolet Corvette has to be imported through the completely built unit (CBU), which means paying very high import duties. Such importing doubles the price of the car.

The Plymouth Barracuda is again a very popular car in the west and is quite a very rare sight on our roads. The rumble from the supercharged V8 engine is also heard in the video. The Barracuda gets iconic muscle car alloy wheels that enhances the character of the car. The Chevrolet Impala SS in the batch has been modified but, the exact details of the modifications are not available in the video. Even after so many years, these cars have not lost their charm and they still have the power to make people turn their heads on the road. Maintaining these cars is a task in itself and the owners of these muscle cars have definitely done a great job when it comes to that.