RARE Tata Sierra TV commercial from the 90s that we last saw when we were kids!

RARE Tata Sierra TV commercial from the 90s that we last saw when we were kids!
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The Tata Sierra has many firsts to its credit. It was the first-ever passenger car from Tata Motors. The Sierra was also the first diesel vehicle to be accepted as a personal car in India. It was also the first automobile to be designed and produced in India. While the Sierra was discontinued in 2000, it enjoys its own fan following. Here’s a rare TV commercial that shows the stylish SUV in all its glory.

The video starts with a ‘rich-looking’ guy driving back from work in his Tata Sierra SUV. While he goes inside his home, the Sierra is seen adjusting the tilt steering on its own and coming to life! You can also see the tachometer (a novelty in those days), five-speed gearbox, and a factory-fitted audio system in the next few frames. While the owner of the SUV starts changing his clothes, the self-driving Sierra indulges in some mud-plunging. Soon, the car is back from its small adventure trip and is almost completely smeared in mud.

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Meanwhile, the owner has changed into casual wear and walks out of his home with what looks like a rope. He simply gets into the Sierra and drives off for an adventure. The video ends with the tagline “It takes the rough with the smooth”. So, basically, the company wanted to highlight the fact that the Sierra was rugged enough, while offering a comfortable, feature-laden cabin. The Sierra was launched with a 1,948-cc, naturally-aspirated diesel engine that was later replaced with a turbocharged version. The same engine also powered the original Safari. The Sierra offered features like a factory-fitted music system, electric windows, aircon and power steering. The Tata Sierra actually entered our car market way ahead of its time. Its unconventional 3-door body format made it pretty unpractical in the eyes of many car buyers. Fortunately, you can still find this uber cool SUV in the garages of some connoisseurs.

The Tata Sierra is still a favourite of a small segment of enthusiasts who communicate with each other in Facebook groups, and occasionally conduct meetups. Many still wish the Sierra was around in 2018, while some others hope that the upcoming Tata H5X might be named Sierra, for old times’ sake! We sort of like that idea – the Sierra lives again! Let’s hope it happens.

For even more nostalgia, here is an old print ad!

RARE Tata Sierra TV commercial from the 90s that we last saw when we were kids!