Rare video of iconic Yamaha RX100 motorcycle being built at factory

Yamaha RX100 is a motorcycle that needs no introduction. This iconic motorcycle became extremely popular among young buyers in the 90s and even today, it holds a special spot in the hearts of many. Even today, a well-maintained RX100 motorcycle will fetch you good money. There are many who have maintained the motorcycle in its stock condition and there are others who have modified it. Here we have a video that shows how Yamaha RX100 was manufactured.

The video has been uploaded by WildFilmsIndia on their YouTube channel. The video that is now available on the internet shows the iconic motorcycle getting assembled at the factory. The motorcycle is getting assembled in four different phases. The Yamaha RX100 motorcycle was manufactured by Escorts Yamaha and was discontinued in 1996. One of the first things that we see in the video is Indian workers assembling the motorcycle. Another assembly line is also seen where the workers are testing the engines on the Yamaha RX100. The video shows that the RX100 reaches the 80 km/h mark pretty quickly. The person testing the motorcycle hits a top speed of 89 km/h on the speedometer.

Yamaha Motor Corp and Escorts got into a tie-up in 1983. The first product to come out from this partnership was the RD350. It was the India-spec version of Yamaha RD 350B which was available in the international markets. At almost the same time, IND-Suzuki also entered the Indian market with a 100-cc motorcycle called AX100. It grabbed a lot of attention of buyers and started becoming popular among young buyers. Yamaha analysed the market and the success of AAX100. After doing a proper study, Yamaha launched the RX100 motorcycle in the second half of 1983.

Rare video of iconic Yamaha RX100 motorcycle being built at factory

AX100 was popular but, with the launch of RX100 things changed. Yamaha RX100 instantly became popular among buyers as it was affordable and more powerful than the AX100. Yamaha RX100 generated 11 Bhp while the AX100 generated only 8.25 Bhp. Unlike other manufacturers, Yamaha never came up with any upgrade or facelift for the motorcycle. It was available in the market for over a decade and the motorcycle looked and remained the same. Yamaha did offer things like a new paint job and pinstriping and they also replaced 6V electrical system to a 12V unit. Everything else remained the same.

Yamaha RX100 was completely manufactured in India. It was sold as a CKD or Completely Knocked Down unit. The motorcycle was then assembled here in India with a “Made in Japan” tag. It was extremely light weight motorcycle which made it quick among its competition. The motorcycle throughout its lifetime came with a round headlamp, rectangular fuel tank, chrome plated front and rear mudguards, iconic exhaust note and the two-stroke engine.

Yamaha RX100 Coming back

There are reports that Yamaha is currently evaluating the market to bring back RX100 back to India. It would be an entirely new motorcycle that will be using the old nameplate. The upcoming motorcycle will be a performance-oriented machine considering the image that RX100 created for itself in the market. However, unlike the previous-generation RX100, the new motorcycle will not have a two-stroke engine as the BS6 emission norms do not allow the use of a two-stroke motorcycle for road purposes anymore.

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