Rare video of MS Dhoni’s retro classic cars: Rolls Royce, Mustang & Pontiac

Former Indian Cricket team captain MS Dhoni is known for his performance on the field. Along with cricket, MS Dhoni also loves cars and bikes. He has a collection of many expensive motorcycles and SUVs in his garage. The cricketer is often spotted with these cars on the road. Along with new vehicles, he has a soft corner for vintage or retro cars and bikes and like to collect them as well. He takes care of these vehicle and we have seen him clean some of his motorcycles himself. Here we have a rare video where MS Dhoni’s retro classic Rolls Royce, Mustang and a Pontiac are seen.

The video has been uploaded by CricNow on their YouTube channel. The video shows a small portion of a clip that MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi had shared years ago on her Instagram profile. The video shows a building with three of his retro classic cars parked in it. The building comes with a glass door which means people standing outside can actually see the cars clearly. It is said that Dhoni owns many vintage cars and this is just some of them.

The first car in the video is a Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am. The Red colour muscle car was bought by Dhoni some time ago. The car looks extremely well-maintained. Dhoni might have either got this car completely restored or the previous owner had maintained the car well. This is the second generation Trans-Am and the car is around 40 years old. Like any other American muscle car of its time, the car is powered by a massive engine. It uses a 455 big-block V8 engine that powers the rear wheels. This engine generated around 325 Bhp and is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Rare video of MS Dhoni’s retro classic cars: Rolls Royce, Mustang & Pontiac

The next car in the video is a Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II. This particular sedan was in the news after MS Dhoni was seen eating food with his friends at a workshop while this car was being repaired. The car was brought to the workshop for regular maintenance and suspension work. The car looked very similar to Silver Shadow II. One of the major differences between both was the wheelbase. The Wraith II had a longer wheelbase when compared to Silver Shadow II. This meant, there was more room for the occupants. The Rolls Royce is powered by a V8 engine and it is paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The third car in this video is a Ford Mustang. This was one of the recent classic cars to get added into his collection. Dhoni bought this car in 2021. This is a 1969 model Ford Mustang. It is actually a 1970 model Mustang that has been modified get the old look. Like other vehicles in MS Dhoni’s garage, this Mustang has also been restored completely. This car uses a 5.0 litre V8 engine that generates 225 Ps and 406 Nm of peak torque. The engine on this Mustang is from a 1992 model. The brakes and suspension on this car have also been upgraded by Dhoni.