RAREST Tata Sumo 4X4 shown inside-out on video

Tata Sumo is one of the iconic names in the Indian automobile market. Tata launched this MUV in the market back in 1994 and over the years we saw several iterations of the same. They even launched a much more advanced version of Tata Sumo under the name Sumo Grande but, it was not as successful as the original first gen Sumo. It has been a popular people mover in the country and even some of the government agencies used it for some time. Tata Motors used to offer a 4×4 version of Sumo to the Indian Army and it is a very rare car. Here we have a video that shows a Sumo 4×4 MUV inside out.

The video has been uploaded by Talking Cars on their YouTube channel. The video starts by talking about the history of Tata Sumo and all the variants that they had launched in the market. It was a very important car from Tata Motors as it was the first vehicle that was completely developed in India, for India. Sumo was launched in the market back in 1994 and it became so popular that, Tata sold over 1 lakh units of Sumo in three years.

The 4×4 Sumo seen in the video belonged a friend who had bought it from an Army auction. He put a lot of work into the MUV to make it the way it is seen in the video. One of the things that differentiates a 4×4 Sumo from regular ones are the wheel arches. There is a thick cladding around the wheel arches which is normally not seen in the 2WD version. The steel rims on the 4×4 are also wider and taller and the ground clearance on this MUV is also more. The bumper on this version has been slightly redesigned to match with the claddings.


RAREST Tata Sumo 4X4 shown inside-out on video

The suspension on a 4×4 Sumo is different from the one seen in the normal version. The chassis on the Sumo 4×4 is a mix of both Telcoline and Safari 4×4. Tata used to offer a shift on the fly 4×4 system and it also got an automatic hub lockers at front. These things were all removed in this Sumo and were replaced with manual 4×4 and manual hub locks for convenience.

The video then shows the interior of the Sumo 4×4. The interiors are quite basic and is similar to what other Tata vehicles of that time used to get. The third row seats on this Sumo 4×4 have been removed. He also shows the original shift on the fly button which Sumo 4×4 came with and the manual 4×4 lever which is placed on the floor.

The owner was pretty happy with the way Sumo drives. It is powered by a 92 Hp, 2.0 litre diesel engine and it offers a comfortable drive. Unlike Mahindra Bolero or Commander that was available when Sumo was on sale, it offered a better ride quality. The Sumo 4×4 is quite capable off-road and the owner mentions that he has driven it in off-road condition couple of times and it performed pretty well.