Rare video that shows Shah Rukh Khan driving his Mitsubishi Pajero SUV

Actor Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction. His all-new movie Pathaan has been doing great in theatres across the country. SRK also known as “King Khan” is one of the biggest names in Bollywood industry has delivered several super hits movies in the past and Pathaan is no different. As We all know, Shah Rukh Khan does love expensive cars and he has a great collection of cars and SUVs in his garage. He is also the brand ambassador for Hyundai in India. We have seen several videos of Shah Rukh travelling in expensive cars. Here we have an old and rare video where the actor is seen driving a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV that he once owned.

The video has been uploaded by  WildFilmsIndia on their YouTube channel. This is not a new video and Shah Rukh looks very young in this. The video was recorded probably in the late 90s. It looks like the actor is at the set of a movie and he is seen having conversations with people on the set. As it was a time, when smartphones and selfies were not a thing, many people can be heard asking for autographs. His Mitsubishi Pajero SUV is also seen here in the video. The SUV seen here is a pre-facelift model. The Red coloured SUV looked rugged.

Shah Rukh Khan is seen speaking to the press and after he is done with the media, he simply drives his Pajero SUV all by himself. The SUV came with Silver cladding which was looking great on it. As this was early 90s, the SUV also had a large metal bullbar installed at the front. This version of Pajero was directly imported from Japan by Mitsubishi. Few years after the launch of this, Mitsubishi replaced the model with a facelift which was assembled at Mitsubishi’s Thiruvallur plant in Tamil Nadu. The one that Shah Rukh is seen driving in this video does not look like the facelift version.

Rare video that shows Shah Rukh Khan driving his Mitsubishi Pajero SUV

Mitsubishi Pajero is an SUV that still has a large fan following around the world. In India, many prominent personalities owned this. The rugged look of the SUV attracted lot of buyers and it also had a massive road presence. Even today, it is a popular SUV among people who like 4×4 SUVs. Mitsubishi launched it as a proper 4×4 SUV. The boxy design and rugged looks meant, the SUV had to offer a spacious cabin when compared to other cars in the segment at that time. Mitsubishi Pajero was not the most feature-loaded SUV in th market however, it did offer some and the main focus with this SUV was off-roading capabilities.

The Pajero was powered by a 2.8 litre diesel engine that generated 120 Bhp and 280 Nm of peak torque. 4×4 was offered as a standard feature with the SUV. The Pajero was discontinued internationally in 1999 but, Indian market got it till 2012 as Pajero SFX. It got a BS4-compliant engine and came with a dual-tone paint job. The rising competition and no new products from Mitsubishi meant, Pajero could not do much for the brand in India.