Rare video of workers assembling Yamaha motorcycles in factory

yamaha rx100 factory assembly featured

The Yamaha RX100 is an iconic motorcycle that needs no introduction. It gained immense popularity among young buyers in the 90s and still holds a special place in the hearts of many. In fact, a well-maintained RX100 motorcycle can still fetch a good price. Some enthusiasts preserve the bike in its stock condition, while others modify it to suit their preferences.

We recently came across a rare video on Wild Films India’s YouTube channel showcasing workers at the Yamaha factory assembling various motorcycles and testing them. This footage is from an old Yamaha two-wheelers factory, demonstrating how the motorcycles were being made. The Yamaha RX100 was entirely manufactured in India, sold as a CKD or Completely Knocked Down unit, and assembled in India with a “Made in Japan” tag. Being extremely lightweight, it was quick among its competition.

The video shows workers installing various parts of the motorcycle. The first part shows the wiring assembly being fixed and tied to the bike’s frame. Next, a worker installs the rear shock absorber and the rear wheel sprocket. At this point, the motorcycle is almost ready, with the engine, front wheels, and suspensions already installed. The assembly line is slowly moving forward to the next person, and the worker has to finish the job before it reaches the next station.

Rare video of workers assembling Yamaha motorcycles in factory

The video also shows how the front wheels and handlebars were installed, with all workers using pneumatic tools to fasten the bolts. After installing the seat, headlamps, turn indicators, instrument cluster and other necessary parts like the fuel tank, side covers and rear wheels are all installed. Once they are done with the installation, they take these bikes out of the production line for testing. In this video we see a bunch of workers riding Yamaha motorcyles within the manufacturing facility. This is an old video but, it looks like the motorcycles seen here are Yamaha RX100 and RX-Z.

The video showcases motorcycles like the Yamaha RX100 and Yamaha RX-Z, both of which were quite popular among youngsters in the 90s. Yamaha launched the RX-Z in India as the successor to the iconic RX100 in 1997. It was essentially a more stylish version of the RX 135, with a 132cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled engine that produced a higher power of 16 bhp and peak torque of 12 Nm. It had a top speed of 120 kmph and highlights like a low-resonating exhaust muffler and disc brakes at the front wheel.

Yamaha Motor Corp and Escorts tied up in 1983, with the RD350 being the first product. It was the India-spec version of the Yamaha RD 350B available in international markets. At the same time, IND-Suzuki launched a 100-cc motorcycle called AX100, which grabbed the attention of buyers and started becoming popular among young buyers. Yamaha analyzed the market and the success of AX100, and launched the RX100 motorcycle in the second half of 1983 after conducting proper market research. The Yamaha RX100 was an extremely lightweight motorcycle, which made it a fast competitor in its class. Throughout its lifetime, the bike was recognizable for its round headlamp, rectangular fuel tank, chrome-plated front and rear mudguards, iconic exhaust note, and two-stroke engine.